By email, two conspiracy buffs were privately discussing a home-grown connection to a DrudgeReport article when the censor struck. The following visits a day in the life of the Author as he takes up the fight.

Subject: PLEASE EXPLAIN [Fwd: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender]

From: "j.Maxwell Legg"

Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2006 16:52:38 +1300




PLEASE EXPLAIN the nature of this alleged abuse or else deliver it to John K. I'm sure he's not behind this staged charge.


Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender

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Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2006 14:34:55 +1300



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John, use the 1st link, the one from the anonymous coward, "In the Spring of 1967", is the one "...  regarding below. It is true that _she listened to all of Nixon’s private conversations and confidential information about our country. Hubby found the job for her_."

John Kaminski wrote:

Thanks Jim. I'm reading the Ponerology book as we speak.

Best wishes,
John K.

On Feb 28, 2006, at 5:35 AM, j.Maxwell Legg wrote:


click photos to see why the
missing 18 minutes of tape
matters to the below link.





**World Exclusive**

 President Bush and his top strategist, Karl Rove, say Sen. Hillary
Rodham Clinton will be tough to beat in the Democratic presidential
primaries of 2008 -- but not in the general election!*** MSM need to suppress my story only for 30 months. Therefore it is in the interest of the democratic party to get past the blame. Even if this means giving me my 15 minutes of flame, the Leningrad Film Studio history of the original film needs to be archived. A very old or not elaborate fake still raises many eyebrows on its own. Otherwise, my deal in Chapter 10 starts to look good.

Hi I'm James,

I'm a suspected Guarani-Brit, symptomatically born with adult functioning kidneys. At 57, I discovered CRF cured on 1/3/6. The doctor on 3/03/2006 4:10:11 p.m. said I will live and the microhematuria will not kill me. There are more than one grape sized cysts on my left kidney. They will not investigate further because in 998 cases out of 1000 they can't find anything that they can be helpful about. Seems, even the losers get lucky sometimes. Thank goodness for me.

I found I'm in my life and death struggle to swap "15 minutes of fame" for a civilization based on a neuroeconomy without using the term money to describe its mechanism.

I am readying an open source Internet appliance based on a quantum computer emulator. It is a VB development platform capable of developing a prosthetic neuroeconomy for brains and/or worlds. I use it as my Auto D.J., but a couple of weeks after getting used to the idea that I might be dying, I realized I have no one to leave it to. I am a realist with not much bargaining room and no time to loose  I'm once again expecting to see the nano-singularity save my soul. However, if I could only solve the money problem, I'm sure in 20 years time I could convince TPTB to save my brain in-vivo, and not call it murder.

Are you interested? Can you describe yourself as living in a neuroeconomy without money? Without walls!

Hello again,
Jim Legg

* * * *

On the pain level 0, I struck out at an ISP connection threat that I'd been watching.

What happened on January 11th?

I got a threat that my lifetime account, (not so described), would be canceled on March 1st, only to be told that threat was a forgery, only to find someone carried out the threat exactly at midnight as the white rabbit disappeared with his watch, muttering, "My support with Ihug continues but the perps are still on the loose."

As if that wasn't enough, I discovered that my website had been hacked. My website was no longer delivering the photo on my prolog page. I proved to my self after hunting 8 hours for rootkits that this was a psyops relating to the Firefox option for offsite images. Talk about being jumpy.

Jump to today. At the hospital the nurse preparing me couldn't get a needle in either arm and had to call for help. It wasn't because of my veins. She'd only been there a couple of months. The needle for the contrast medium, she removed. Aghast, I saw it was thrown away into the general rubbish bag, not the special needle stick containers. When a rash started spreading at night fall at the rate of an inch an hour from the needle punctures, I started to smell a rat. Maybe, my DNA is away right now being cloned into some super resistant bug, like its owner.

After dispatching the effects of itching circuit-breaking all over me, I slept well and awoke from a dream to the smell of napalm in the morning.



two text names changed to pass the abuse test.


On 01 Mar 2006 at 02:07am you wrote:


Subject: help online -email


X1_username: income

X2_os: winxp

X3_email prog: thunderbird

X4_errormsgs: too many

X5_problem: sending & receiving email failure - password hacked

please call (09)9632150



ihug helpdesk wrote:

Dear Jim,

Thanks for your email.

This means you may have entered in the incorrect password to authenticate with.

Please give us a call so we can verify whether or not you are
currently using the correct password as we may need to issue you out a
new one.

Best Regards,

Geeray L

Ihug Helpdesk Team

Caution - This email message and attachments are confidential to
our organisation and subject to legal privilege. If you have received
this email in error, please advise the sender immediately and destroy
the message and any attachments. If you are not the intended recipient
you are notified that any use, distribution, amendment, copying or any
action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance of this message or
attachments is prohibited.

F +64 9 359 2740



Geeray, you are wrong. A phone call from me to Ihug at 7am today, 1/3/6,
got your man to reset the existing password and immediately my email
software started to work without me here over-typing any password. The
password was only recently changed due to a design fault in my DI-624
router. That dud has big problems that no one will admit. As soon as I
turned on the wireless it starts rebooting. I've now thrown the wireless
parts away. This was recorded by Ihug as multiple logins but I am
satisfied it was the router as you can see here.,39023973,39118932,00.htm

Last night's email failure and account page failure are a mystery to me,
and also I'd like to know why all your support lines where disconnecting
me after being badly routed, from the numbers 3585067 and 0800 438 448.
They were both blocked to my many incoming calls, via different phones,
between at least 12am and 3am 1/3/6..

You will learn below that this was quite stressful as I had not yet
retired and hadn't placed my wake up calls. I had to wake early to
attend a Triphasic liver CT-Scan this morning at Auckland Hospital.

The email password problem started at midnight, leading me to suspect a
script had run at Ihug. I am not yet suggesting that the police
investigate or that I even know what procedures to follow for such an

Please understand that the motive for such a hack has come from my
peaceful protest concerning the accidental discovery that is found here
leading you to my Ihug homepage where my protest evidence is stored.

The mystery surrounds the possible connection between this event and the
last strange event that I recorded to Ihug, namely someone had sent me
purported email claiming to be Ihug and that my lifetime account would be closed
on 1/3/6.  Your section for has not yet responded. I do
not want to wait for a third connected abuse. Nevertheless numerous
train passengers at Meadowbank, for this morning's 9:31AM  to Britomart,
could recognize the strange behavior of someone acting and dressed in
the manner of a stalker-for-hire.

The fact that the second occurred, i.e., my account appeared to be
closed, as threatened, means that I feel this matter should be reported
to the police. No doubt Ihug had plenty of work on its hands and it is
in such a confusion, like the Norad war games on 911, that sinister "Get
Jim" operations can go unnoticed.

Please forward this to Marc Beder to only keep on file at this stage as
concerns Ihug's status as the common carrier of my content.

Thanks, Jim

PS. my old email password is fine now, but I would like an MoTD
concerning my other Wired-Country problems that started after their last
MoTD, concerning maintenance a few days ago. Namely web pages and email
often fails on the first attempt but hardly ever on the second.



From: "j.Maxwell Legg"

Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 15:25:41 +1300




Your Danny, in accounts, told me this email was not on your records as having been sent by Ihug. Could you look into this please.



Subject: Update on your complimentary account

From: "The ihug team"

Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 15:12:31 +1300


To: "Jim Legg"



Dear Jim Legg,

We hope you've been enjoying your complimentary internet account from ihug.

Unfortunately this account will expire on March 1st, 2006.

There are a number of options:

  • If you're on one of our new dial up or broadband plans you can simply start paying for your account from March 1st. You need to contact us before February 28th so we can arrange this.
  • If you're on a previous ihug dial up or broadband plan you just need to sign up for one of our new plans, which will be chargeable from March 1st. You can do this yourself by logging in to my account and selecting 'change account' or by contacting us before February 28th.
  • If you're a non-profit organisation we may be able to help you - simply submit your sponsorship proposal to for consideration before February 28th.

Your account will automatically close on March 1st so please contact us before then.

Best regards,

The team at ihug

ihug Limited
0800 438 448

127 Newton Rd, Newton
PO Box 7281, Wellesley St, Auckland


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