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            Chapter 1. Ingrid AI Creating Fiction From Fact

As Ingrid's author, I was minding my own business currently investigating a software interface between it and an Ad Server so that my entertainment open source freeware component can schedule content for its AI Auto DJ, into a smooth time-linear format.

This isn't a plug for my software, it's just to let you know the sort of thing I was working on at the time.

I was typing, "... The Ingrid product will organize MP3s into your own personal popular radio station format, without any external data collection. Such a product is unlike and probably superior to the Predixis offering, in Winamp 5.1, and other similar signature-based centralized DRM playlist services. This is important because Ingrid couldn't care less what people have on their hard drives.

In Ingrid's role as station manager, it uses its own tools and plays songs fully once before deciding how to correctly pace the tempo for its autotuning remix kits. Sure it takes time, but you're not locked in and can choose to store the tempo (BPM) in either ID3v1.Comment, or ID3v2.TBPM, or both formats. public interfaces can easily provide selected voice-overs, for playing in-between tracks."

Then it hit me. That tensor thing that David prompted me to look into again. Ingrid was a quantum computer. So much for working on Ingrid for all these years, only gradually changing my thinking that it was just a good thought processor.

Earlier in the log jam concerning my Clinton photo, the name Energis stood out again. They were just sold to Cables & Wireless.

Chapter 2. Author's Scream Of Consciousness