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Hi, me Kee-Mo Sah-Bee back and you Tonto have entered the rabbit hole.

After first reading to the end of this page and then coming to read Chapter 1. Ingrid AI Creating Fiction From Fact, you may ultimately be thinking that Ingrid is a dangerous thanatos device, or that the history of the world as you know it could irrevocably change because of it.

Do not worry. Ingrid is nothing more than a Weapon of Math Distraction. Because, a short time after the apt-named Karma-Gun phenomena were lassoed, a security function was tightened in the Ingrid source code. 

Of the billions of possible Ingrid settings, the most effective was the ruby (24 degree magic-angle) maximum light intersections, as now described in the following routine.

With the settings in the following code snippets, the spinning hamiltonians cover the screen with 450 point 3D ruby red lines XOR'd over themselves at 24 degree increments through not just 360 degrees but for all linear combinations of any three adjacent eigenvectors back and forth to the maximum dimension. Thus the pixels are JetTrailing from a solid color to a very fine sieve and back again to the same solid color.

Before figuring out that robots.txt thing, I earlier felt things on long runs and decided to only allow for no more than 200 seconds of this ELF transmission. Major wizardry was thus avoided, the likes of which I couldn't demonstrate to Dollar Christ but can to registered Ingrid users. Some early essays are restricted at the photoofthemillennium members only group.

Sub KarmaGun()
    If ProcessingFlag > PF_Exiting Then Exit Sub
    With inGrid
        .ChangerBar.BorderStyle = Abs(One - .ChangerBar.BorderStyle)
        If .ChangerBar.BorderStyle = ccFixedSingle Then
            If Not Analysed Then
            End If
            inGrid_mnuViewAutoRedraw_Checked = False
            GridOut.Picture2.Picture = LoadPicture(NotString)
            .StyleWidth.value = -450 '.StyleWidth.Min
            .Mode.value = Seven 'vbXorPen XORs Pixels
            .BrushFill.value = vbUnchecked
            .ClipOff.value = vbChecked
            .BlankPictures.value = vbUnchecked
            .CenterLines.value = vbUnchecked
            .Outlines.value = vbChecked
            .ScopeOff.value = vbChecked
            .SmallChanges.value = TwentyFour
            .GridBackColor.value = .GridBackColor.Min
            .DrawState.value = vbChecked
            If inGrid_ForDoEvents_BackColor <> vbBlack Then
                .ForDoevents.value = vbChecked
                inGrid_ForDoevents_Value = .ForDoevents.value

            End If
            .JetTrails.value = vbChecked
            .ColorLines.value = vbUnchecked
            .Off.value = vbUnchecked
            If PointSize > Deci Then
                PointSize = Deci
            End If
        End If
        If .TimeStep.value <= Zero Or .ChangerBar.BorderStyle = ccNone Then
            If .TimeStep.value <= Zero Then
                .SaveGridX.Enabled = True
            End If
            .ChangerBar.BorderStyle = ccNone
            If .mnuViewAutoRedraw.Enabled Then
                inGrid_mnuViewAutoRedraw_Checked = True
            End If
            .StyleWidth.value = -20
            .InsideOut.value = vbChecked
            .BackToFront.value = vbChecked
            .UpsideDown.value = vbChecked
            .TimeStep.value = 40
            .SmallChanges.value = Zero
            ''.ViewSize.Value = .ViewSize.Max
            .ForDoevents.value = vbUnchecked
            inGrid_ForDoevents_Value = .ForDoevents.value
            If StartUpTypeIsPreview Then exitpath (" before KarmaGun SpinTrue " & ProcessingFlag)

            RandomSlider .Blending, , One, Zero
            If CycleX = Zero Then spin True
        End If
    End With

End Sub

and so to be called from the engine, thus:

                If ZaxisMarker <> Zero Then
                    gAns = Timer - Abs(CycleStart)
                    If gAns > 200 Or gAns < Zero Then' no more than 200 seconds of ELF transmission
                        If gAns < Zero Then 'midnight
                            If Not SetDates(Now) Then Exit Sub
                        End If
                        If gAns > 300 Or (Abs(ZaxisMarker - Abs(zaxis) * DEG) <= inGrid.SmallChanges.value And Sgn(CycleStart) = Sgn(CycleZ + Deci)) Then
                            ZaxisMarker = Zero
                            CycleStart = Zero
                        End If
                    End If
                End If

The code above, that probably made your eyes cross and glaze over, is put here for the likes of the following type of downloader. Should we be assured they are watching over this developing story for the benefit of all? I just wish they would make themselves known to me in the Ingrid group and state their concerns over there, or at least answer their email. Consequently, as I believed these people were masking their identity, I rudely disconnected their Ingrid download, in order to make their IP short circuit onto the web logs.

2005-11-21 06:15:21 GET /IngridSetup.exe 200 download.html

  TCP    Shuttle:http   ESTABLISHED     143

No offense digger2, but I assume your next couple of tries via Canada were ok.

Slightly related to this KarmaGun effect is how gravity waves behave on the mind. To see this for yourself you can perform the following simple experiment.

Turn on a normal light bulb at eye-level. In a far corner of your room place a mirror that reflects the light to a mirror in another adjacent corner which in turn reflects the light back to the light bulb, forming the largest triangle you can. Stand close to the second mirror and adjust the mirrors so you can continue to see the light bulb while moving backwards until you are on the other side of the first beam of light.

Now dance on that spot while continuing to look at the light bulb through the two mirrors, ensuring that at times, in your dance, the light waves will interfere. When they do, the light bulb will have a green tinge, caused by your gravity waves alternatively squishing out the ends of the visible spectrum, i.e., RGB minus some R&B frequencies. It might be helpful to shroud the naked bulb so you only see it through the mirrors. No amount of jumping around without the interference will cause the light to appear greenish.

You may feel a very mild matrix effect pass through your brain once you have seen the light.; - at least I did, and I'm still alive, but then again I have had over a thousand hours of synesthetic conditioning on a sound and light machine.

There are some caveats that you should be aware of, like dancing on the spot while watching light bulbs in a mirror may be hazardous to your health.

I earlier guessed right about the Karma-Gun effect being only CRT based, currently dismissing the other harmonics; - like the one on my new 19 inch LCD screen. If digger2 is scared the effect may be via the quantum-vacuum underlying my physical consciousness, he needn't worry, because publicly burning through a large amount of cash is exactly what is called for, to find out. I will see this is made public in order to put a band-aid on the historical deformation caused by my new transeunt feedback loop, i.e., of a mental act; causing effects outside the mind. 

Chapter 1. Ingrid AI Creating Fiction From Fact