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            Chapter 2. Author's Scream Of Consciousness.

... and just then, off switches my Mark Knoffler's "Sultans Of Swing". It was supposed to play twice on that re-run, but what I just play-listed for Stan was stuck on manual and so the next track wasn't started.

(The seemingly infinite guitar riff was suspended on a train wreck and I came here to write about it at this point in developing another story, because sooner rather than later, you're going to have to find out what you are doing here and what I'm about.)

Maybe I just imagined Knoffler freezing time to a single point...

(everyone finds their timeless point differently).

I find my way there through good rock music and many other ways as well. While I was pondering this, some paragraphs ensued to introduce myself, as your autobiographical author.

Most of my time is not spent on weird stuff. That stuff just gets in the way and has to be delt with, the best way I can. Most of my time is spent on really entertaining design problems. For instance, let me first describe Ingrid as a soft computing structure. Meaning it covers many functions, and if I describe one here in the rest of this chapter, I promise no more for the rest of the recounting - ok?.Such as, to turn on the "AI Auto DJ" the user must click yes to two conditions.

(1) "AI Auto DJ" - and Yes my browser is at my, and

(2) Yes, I am arranging all music under a folder called Genre. e.g. F:\Genre\Pop\Roxy Music\Avalon\04 - India.mp3

Ingrid's MP3 tracks, sorted by tempo, are programmed to start exactly on the minute. Therefore, the advertising / inter-song gap is known beforehand for the full length of the song. That's plenty of time for Ingrid's AI software to determine how best to fill the gap in the most entertaining way.

After consulting with a couple of top disc jockeys, I agreed that sticking everything in strict BPM order is boring, so I compromised by putting a hand shaped optional plus or minus 15bpm sine-wave variation right into the total BPM sorted playlist.

Played in this order, e.g., with Winamp Shuffle Off you can roughly maintain a mood. With Winamp Shuffle On you can adjust the Shuffle rate to harmonize and/or create new moods in an audience.

Chapter 3. The Dream Of A Dead Man