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            Chapter 10. Seeking Shelter From My Storm

In the story so far, when the Soviet Union failed on its lease for a trade office in Customs Street, their detritus was thrown into a jumbo bin. From there, dumpster divers recovered some old film. A decade later I recognized Clinton when I saw one of these films, called "No To Silent Death". Our national newspaper, after promising to leave me out of it, refused to do anything. Instead I was targeted and my life made into a living hell.

19/11/2005 2:25:27 p.m.

Since last night I have taken on a remarkably different view of history and hope you cotton on to a bit of my thinking here, because as you will read below, a colliding-histories concept is easier for the public to swallow than for them to think they were *had* by Russian spy - Bill Clinton.

Look up Everett Worlds if you don't believe me. These diverge so rapidly it has been thought how impossible communication between them would be.

In Chapter 8a. Abducted By Alien Historians, I used a crude analogy to describe what I think could have happened in the case of the Clinton photo and then I'll try and draw a similar trend to the fact that the same sort of mangling of history may be what is behind that which has befallen the Holocaust.

I've long surmised during the coincidences, sometimes felt on long runs, in the early days of Ingrid with non throttled Karma-Gun settings, that I was seeing echoes bounce between many such universes before I felt the effects. I told what I felt to NZ Army Captain Marcus Linehan  on 27th July 2000, but he dissed me then as being too far out in left field.

I can now more easily and lucidly describe the process of how long waves through a vacuum can connect such universes. A theory about how they could stay fused should not be far behind. I certainly think that Clinton's Russian Uniform Photo could be evidence of such a fusing. Or maybe not fused permanently, but left the film scene like the proverbial small chip of paint left when cars touch.

On my dust cover I now write, "The world's most influential man is beside himself in a shiteating grin. He was discovered wearing a Russian uniform by a lone nuclinear code ranger, who unwittingly caused the history of two contradictory Everett universes to be fused by thirty frames of celluloid. The last time anything like this happened, the author thinks fifty years of Austrian/Illuminati history was lost."

What if some of these Everett universes get fused for a few seconds well into the past, like the two second head shot of Clinton in a Russian uniform. I'm suggesting in a New Ingrid Column that the Clinton filming never happened in this universe but did in another. If two slinky universes can be fused on multiple points, with something as small as the memory of those seconds, then I postulate that this could be quite common.

There must be a leakage of such a story unless rigorously censored. Moreover I think that crude technology exists to fuse such entanglements from multiple times, past, present or future. Are those keeping a lid on the problem, the M.I.B.?

Surely I'm not the first to see this, if it's happened before.

I think we will have to come to accept some new laws of our universe and accept that we have had many histories not just one, like someone discovering they had not what they thought was one but two natural fathers and learning to live with it.

17/11/2005 12:03:17 p.m.

Questions related to the legality of publishing web logs are being sounded out on my Auckland contacts, Barry J Hart, Barrister ph. 378-9732, and forensic data nominees, Brian Willmot of 0800 LostFiles and Allan Watt - Computer Forensics ph. 021 333453. These people I nominate to be reached for comment, in case I disappear.

My demise started when this story started surfacing again. There were hacking attempts looking for my logfile.log. This seemed to indicate, even yet back then, that there were still some secret analysis and witness tampering which could be done to keep a lid on this thing. Now that we're beyond that point, I choose to publish the logs to all.

Within minutes, the first to look 2005-11-16 23:10:25 GET /logfile.log 200 was Birch Telecom, in Kansas. Minutes after that the Bringemon site was taken down, only to reboot, probably with a whole slew of backdoors, and I can no longer post there and at godlikeproductions, even before my first post, my IP Address Has Been Banned.

I do not do this recklessly and have a data stick in safekeeping. Remember the deal is $NZ10 to black out an IP number, with a suitable alias and a comment. Some obvious IP numbers won't be blacked out because they were false to begin with, but those are only since the logs were published. The spies now use disguised training wheels that change IP numbers mid-stream while loading a single document. Their falsity determines the demeanor of their attacks.

For it is even, without any digital copies of the scene, i.e., nothing remaining on Earth, that the mental processes of agreement can be deduced from the silent witnesses in the visitor logs. There is the powerful form of statistics that even calls for random testimony by witnesses. Many of whom have seen the evidence.

I was reminded last night on xtra by a carefully arranged video clip that Bill Clinton is the most influential man in the world. So, it is with trepidation that now comes the time for the
Googleman to come along and shine a mirror on his head.

I have to say, "Good for you Bill, may your god pardon you. But first I challenge you to a deal."

"This deal will take the form of a high stakes mental challenge, where you, the famous parser, Bill Clinton, armed with a supercomputer would be sitting comfortably in one corner, with your IQ of 185. In another corner, with the same technology, sits me, with my meager IQ of 135. As CEO of Microsoft, you will have the advantage of a fully trained crew at Redmond. After a year of 50 programmers fine-tuning the prototype, both of us then activate Ingrid and the match begins, with the deconstruction and re-synthesis of this whole Cheap Hotel boondoggle".

Among the many incriminating possibilities that the filming episode is likely to expose there is one, and none dare call it treason. Yet, though not I for one could point the blame, the long waves of history are not so tame. A story could even pardon and somehow vindicate Bill Clinton for any and all wrongdoings, assuming of course that I win the challenge.

If I win, I wish to be known as the man to singlehandedly rewrote history, who also introduced the concept of a graspable and new economic world structure. This would all take place at the same time as getting all China to agree. There's me being introduced, by the most influential man on earth, to do your bidding using our contested data structures. Having lost to me, Bill Clinton is naturally forgiven and expected to repent from his evil ways and get a really good job, selling Ingrid to the Zapatistas.

The odds are, in this winner take all confrontation, that Bill Clinton agrees to devote 300 hours of community service to promote the Ingrid victory idea.

The odds are my death by time warp, with the 1954 and 1984 additives being non toxic and low level enough to cause only a bad enough lung infection. A few weeks from now I get sprayed in the face with the Y2K On Feathers, from the lapel of an inoculated carrier. Natural causes; - no question about it, except maybe I think Bill is a fair man, and maybe a victim too. I hope he will accept my challenge and not give a wink and a nod to the head sheep, allowing some Bilderberger to call for my assassination.

Odds are that if I loose, then Ingrid would need to be valued at least ten times the damages, and I am heard from no more. The problem for Bill is that I wont loose, because even when I die, it is given to you, Tonto, to play the role of Kee-Mo Sah-Bee. Together many Tonto will become the Jimekai. As the viral sub-licensees of Ingrid, Jimekai sit back; rinse and repeat Chapters 1 to 10.

19/11/2005 2:29:59 p.m.

Now I had to say something back then, but the list of variables from a few days ago don't seem anywhere near like what is called for. For example, how does one acquiesce in the public mind a comfortable feeling that one of many possible Everett Worlds has just had its first meaningful collision with ours. Or was it more like the Titanic meeting the ice berg? Or does this happen quite often? Are the public never to know? Are the Jimekai to be outlawed?

12/11/2005 10:48:26 p.m.

This is of particular concern to me right now because all anyone needs to do is "look a little bit north" to the intelligence community of a large country and note the concern caused by my discovery. It's of some historical noteworthiness. That this is causing more than a few concerns, is beyond question, but the question is what to do.

The story itself is not new but it is one which has been suppressed for a long time and is being done so again at great lengths because it is breaking out of control over at an unusual military related forum.

I was told to go to this forum while I was investigating some new material relating to the old evidence. After I did and posted my evidence, I was ridiculed as expected but that is not where it stopped. The real breaking story is told in the log files on my server which show that I am not being attacked by a bunch of script kiddies but by the full weight of the M.I.B.

The headline that I would choose to send this story to you were I able to find a way of reporting it would be :


and then I would give you the link to the forum where the hits are mounting.

I would also copy the first post below here in case the forum disappeared before your reporter could get there.

But most of all I would tell you of the strange IP numbers in my logs. I won't send you the logs just now because, well there quite big. But I will try to summarize.

Someone using the Moscow TV-News computers accessed my Clinton story a few hours ago so I just sent their admin the following, (previously unreleased presentation) :

Though most have been from ISPs, other interesting IP numbers to look at my files in the last couple of days from the 900 or so hits, have belonged to:

NCIS at US Naval Air Station Keflavik Iceland
Microsoft Corporation
Thomason (Friend of Bill).

I'm getting a lot of hits from Kansas. That's the reputed town where their intelligence agency is strongest.

The other day I got one from Ft. Mohavje which is where there once was a person known as Tim Osman (aka OBL). He was there getting the Promis Software modified to produce perturbations and electrostatic discharges. This seems to cause a Remote Influencing phenomenon similar to what I produced in Ingrid.

An hour ago I got a hit from Fort Leavenworth where I thought Roger Clinton was imprisoned and where maybe his DNA is on file.

Now I have identified what I think is a CIA cutout going by the name of Burns & McDonald and I think I am being ring-barked by a huge panic now going on in Kansas.

I have still to finish my own research but have just read the passage in Clinton's autobiography, "I thought back over the years to my high school classmates who had died in Vietnam and to the man I'd helped when I was in Moscow in 1970, who was searching for information about his missing son." That poignant passage, with what we now know, could conceivably point to Clinton himself as being the missing son.

here is the first post to the Red-Alliance


I need help in identifying a uniform which I suspect is Russian, but it may be only a costume.

Here is the link and the tiny purple (or red) lapel of the person on the left is
all there is to go on.

The bio-warfare film was made in Russia and the scene is supposed to be of angry American soldiers shouting on top of a tank which I have identified as maybe a T55. The voiceprint has also been identified beyond doubt, but a mystery surrounds the making of the scene.

Would you like to see the scene? It is not as clear but I have it in DivX or Realplayer. Here is the direct link to the tiny DivX'd scene of Clinton shouting, "you're outnumbered ten to one..." and if you only have RealPlayer you can see it here.

The following links show the remarkable evidence confirming Clinton's identity.

A still photo shot of the 16mm film showing a juxtaposed photo of Clinton at the same age.

Voice print identification presented as a series of spectrogram slides each with a tooltip and a clickable link to the comparative multimedia.

Slide 1:

This slide is the spectrogram of the first audio from the film as captured by my TVTap card software. Click for RealPlayer clip of original film

Slide 2:

This slide is the spectrogram of the film's shouted audio, "you're outnumbered 10 to 1" once cleaned by the Praat Advanced speech analysis program.

Praat Enhanced. Click for audio

Slide 3:

This slide is the spectrogram from the National Public Radio of Clinton saying, "By 2001 they'll be able to" National Public Radio 980203.atc.08.ram - ex-Clinton's voice is at 1:52secs - This link was originally down a lot.

Slide 4:

This slide is the spectrogram of the NPR sample once cleaned by the Praat program. Praat Enhancement of Clinton saying, "By 2001 they'll be able to". Click for .WAV

Slide 5:

This double sized slide is the spectrogram of the original audio sample layered with the sample enhanced by Praat. The shouted word "One" from the original sample and the word "One" from the NPR sample are added and PROVE  how the NPR sample in fact perfectly overlays, even compensating for the film deterioration holes in the original sample This is a DivX AVI of the scene - in case you don't have RealPlayer

Slide 6:

This slide is the spectrogram of my own voice showing how different another person's voice is to Clinton's. Click to hear .WAV of me on 02/20/00 shouting, "You're out numbered 10 to 1"

Slide 7:

This slide is the spectrogram of my own voice saying the phrase from the NPR sample. Click to hear a .WAV of me on 02/20/00 saying, "by 2001 they'll be able to"

Slide 8:

This slide is the juxtaposition of the word "One" taken from both my shouted and spoken samples. The same care and attention that I put in to matching Clinton's words was done here. Click this link to get to the original web site where I collected the diary information concerning this discovery. So the assassins wont kill more than one Jimekai the site also contains a photo of me.

I realize that voice print analysis produce by a plaintive in a court case is not admissible but in this case the samples have been reviewed and confirmed as being a match by my expert witness at the University of Melbourne. You will appreciate how hard it has been for me to stay alive this long let alone get any professional legal assistance.

Finally, here is a RealPlayer clip of the credits at the end of the film.

and here in DivX AVI

And here is a link to contact the film studios who made the film, "No To Silent Death".

Thanks for looking into this.

My static "Travels of Jim" since leaving Trinidad

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