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            Chapter 9. NZ Shutdown Party - Ludicrous Situation

(This for readers who want to assimilate my rantings and further feel the need to flesh out my credentials.)

From my coffin, a titanium box on the eye level shelf of an old A4 stationery cupboard, reeking of 20th century government bureaucracy that surrounds me with a sense of tetragrammation in golden ratio proportions, I reached out and turned off the naked light bulb hologram.

The cupboard itself is at the center of golden spirals which touch all the surfaces in my art-deco 1950s style state-housing bed-sit. I was blown here seeking shelter from the storm damage to my digs at the Cheap Hotel. This government housing complex that I was eventually evacuated to, curiously sits at the center of a series of golden spirals, touching events and places representing challenges I had/have to visit on the long way here.

My robot, Case, has docked. Now I remember. Gotta go get my slippery great grandson-son, also called Jim. He just has to get over it so we can make it on our own.

I know history is harsh and that eventually, for striking out in search of this Ingrid mediated after-life, I will be denied my only life; - killed off, for fighting back like the UK nurse suing for her breast-cancer drug treatment, on human rights grounds. If not, what? An invite to everyone to come and enjoy my shutdown party, set down for September 7th, 2996, eh?

Their reason for not giving the drug on the NHS has been one of safety. 'However, you can pay for the drug privately - so does paying for it make it safe? It is a ludicrous situation.' The nurse won her fight but then the health system ran out of resources. In the end we're all dead anyway, so what the heck do you make of my choices?  Call it what you will. I call it the theory of my will-to-virtuality. That trumps Nitzche's will-to-power, just so you know (that I know) what I'm talking about.

I should add, "This is only a story about a story that hasn't been fully told yet. As it does get told, you'll know more and more."

Chapter 10. Seeking Shelter From My Storm