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            Chapter 8d. No Privacy Expected No Privacy Given.

I'd like to borrow an idea from the film, "Run Lola Run", and its parts where rapid future scenes are overlayed as stills. That is the technique which I would like to use to link the camera panning seven degrees of freedom between the actors in my own twilight zone; this dark-side-of-the-moon tragedy.

I aim to introduce my web logs as evidence of these actors. Characters can be deduced from my web logs and scenes requiring sunsets and flowers can be returned by email. Some sequences can go as far back as when the Earth was struck by the Moon. This would not have been possible had Google Earth not provided footage of the sudden unfolding lines on the Expanded Earth.

Having no expectation or assurance of privacy, no Tonto footprint left on my webpage are Tonto's to deny them being used by the Ingrid AI Script Writer, as plot thickener. Who these Tonto are, who are in my web logs, is most instructive and I wondered for the first time if these lists should be published for protection of all, and me in particular. A clearing house of contributing Tonto writers; - that was the reason why I added the PayPal $10 donation button, as a service to those Tonto folk who want to read further than my Privacy Statement but later wish to remain anonymous.

Do not dismiss the power of this perception because, when this story first hit the net, it was 5 days before the resignation of Boris Yeltsin, a 1970-1991 rising political star with close ties to the Leningrad Film Studios, who made the film. As they say in politics, "A week is a long time", but along with his poor health, maybe poor Boris had no idea how the western press could silence such an anti-history story.

The tragic outcome for me now is one of total resistance to currently accepted history, even opening the door to the mythical Mongol transfer of Chinese paper money and gunpowder technology to the West, allowing the loosing side to write remaining Vatican history.

Chapter 9. NZ Shutdown Party - A Ludicrous Situation