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            Chapter 8c. Physical Evidence

If you need a final audio/video confirmation, here is the direct link to the tiny DivX'd scene of Clinton shouting, "you're outnumbered ten to one..." if you only get swirling nothingness, i.e., you don't have DivX installed or you only have RealPlayer you can see it here.

However, for my part, I am not interested in this story making the news, except as the story of the jailing of a NZ Herald reporter who set out to deceive the public by failing to report the obvious historical discovery.

Again, in "My Life" Clinton writes, "David worked the state for a whole week, doing radio interviews and passing out homemade flyers with pictures of our childhood friends as proof that I was a real person."


... poor Vince Foster - maybe he knew and stumbled onto a forgotten childhood memory.

I'm still building my case, which didn't go ahead earlier because I couldn't get a lawyer to help, but the new evidence could have been easily checked out by the NZ Herald and is further proof of Clinton's identity. Up to the other day, my evidence has only included my own recognition and the voice analysis data produced by me. The evidence was thus inadmissible in my case against the NZ Herald, where I charge that in their haste to protect their political puppet-masters and dismiss my find, they overlooked their culpability in railroading me.

The still photo, at the top of this page, was taken with my old Kodak DC20 digital camera, some months after I first saw it. I brought my old PC with a webcam into the city and set it up in the film buff's house, a month later. That clip remained upside down due to some encoding problem and remained that way until just the other day when I found a program to turn it right side up.

No one saw my digitized moving image before this. It was only then that I noticed that no frame within the moving clip is exactly the same as the one which I got with my still camera. Might have something to do with the frame rates of the webcam that I had at the time and so does not represent all the actual 30 or so frames of Clinton on the old 16mm film.

This unreal set of coincidences caused me to register the name of the still, "Photoofthemillenium", over at yahoo groups. More remarkable because none of the frames in the clip actually are as easily recognizable as Clinton. I wouldn't have investigated further, where it not for the still I shot. I have now come to realize that such events are actually snapping entanglements on long metaphysical wavelengths.

Chapter 8d. No Privacy Expected No Privacy Given.