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            Chapter 8b. Bill Clinton - Alien, Sex Spy or What?

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These were the entries from my IIS weblog, when I noticed what the spies, with the IP spoofing, were doing in the first two lines. The thing to notice is that they had succesfully put a 401 on this page, stopping it getting beyond their local drift net.

I am imploring all to be posting this full page far and wide for googling in the future.

Calling the tank scene an Alien implant into the global psyche is purely another way of explaining what we all know. Bill Clinton wasn't in the military, so one needs to presume that the people on the tank were only acting as Americans, because the film was made by the Leningrad Film Studios at the height of the Cold War. I don't want to presume a lot about what type of uniform he is wearing, whether it be an American or Russian uniform, but the fact remains that the scene shows these people standing on what looks like a Russian tank.

With two scenes to go on and an odd looking gun barrel, the best I could make out was a Russian prototype tank, the Object 770. I've since been told there's 2 different tanks in the clip, one is T-54/55, more ( T55 than 54). Tank 2 looks like a Patton!! 

Clinton's own book, "My Life" puts him in Moscow in the first week of 1970, but on that occasion with long hair and a beard. For the two occasions to be the same, the beard has to come off. Did he shave it off when he got to Moscow, in the dead of winter, only to then regrow it before meeting Hillary? Maybe, maybe not, but I didn't see this in the CIA Handbook Of Dirty Tricks. There may be a simple explanation for why he shaved: - like, as John Kaminski asks, "Are you sure that photo isn't from some sex party?"

Such a controversy now surrounds the photo/film/voice, that it may well have fused here after a collision with a parallel universe. All Earth wants to know now, and that when we do, I'll be the first to change the headline. But of course, before it goes up in a warehouse fire, I need Earth to secure the copyright to the film in question and claim costs against the NZ Herald. Then the Jimekai investors in Ingrid can expect a tenfold claim on the punitive damages.

Unfortunately email on this matter seems somehow to not always reach its destination, and as you know, "journalists don't give receipts". Out of all the emails sent to all the international press agents and all the king's horses there were no replies. Not a one. In fact, the only reply I've ever had was from Bill Clinton's library who said he was not able to confirm nor deny nor give me permission to use this information. Or maybe the KGB turned him into some sort of Manchurian Candidate. Especially if he has no memory of the filming; - who knows? Surely, rather than realizing that they were had, Americans would prefer that in an Everett World he was on this film that found its way here by magic.

Other "double meaning" passages from Clinton's book tell of his forehead scar at age five that receded back past his hairline, in what could seem like a good cover-up. In another, after loosing a 1974 election, he asks the hometown girl if she knew who he was. She said, "Sure, you're still Bill Clinton" ... (he) needed to be reminded of that just then. On meeting Hillary, who recounts, "The way Bill tells the story, he couldn't remember his own name", but in Clinton's book he writes, "... couldn't say anything for a few seconds. Finally I blurted my name out".

I have still to finish my own research but have just uncovered yet another such passage in Clinton's autobiography. "I thought back over the years to my high school classmates who had died in Vietnam and to the man I'd helped when I was in Moscow in 1970, who was searching for information about his missing son." Could that poinient passage, with what we can now guess about his other Moscovite activities, conceivably point to Clinton himself as being the missing son?

Private Investigations: "(of) Treachery and Treason!  There's always an excuse for it. But when I find the reason, I still can't get used to it."

If anyone can remember episode 13 from season one of the Star Trek series called, "The Conscience Of The King", you will recall that the Shakespearian actor, Karidian, was presumed by nine witnesses to have replaced the identity of Kodos The Executioner, twenty years earlier. Seven witnesses died before James T. Kirk had the sense to get the Enterprise computer to do a voice-print analysis. Human recognition alone couldn't prove anything. This was the only forensic evidence that would trump any human memory.

Not to digress... Back to the point about Clinton. Should it not be about socialism vs capitalism less so than treason and espionage? As such, I am looking into the possibility that Clinton was replaced by a bearded Russian spy before Clinton returned to the USA to enroll at Yale in August 1970. If Bill Clinton's DNA (from the blue dress) does not show the same mother as Roger Clinton who's DNA the FBI already have, then my findings point to him being a plant. If Bill was twinned in and out of the iron curtain, then the plot really thickens.

I certainly don't propose this scenario as being the only one possible, but certainly think that it is easily testable. However, if my theory in column 9 of the grid analysis is not disproved then Clinton's clone committed a crime of treason before 1992 against Article II section 1 of the constitution. That is, he was not a natural born citizen of the United States of America.

If known here-abouts as more than just a sex party, on say CNN, then the morale in the U.S. Forces will drop to zero, when they realize that Lempriere's China card has been played. Are you still listening to me? Good, because I don't want you to get absorbed in that link just yet, as its nearly 2Mb of text describing Clinton's Rogues Gallery concerning Chinese espionage, and the rest. Save it for afters.

Well now, the person we know today as William Jefferson Clinton has been done dead-to-rights by the same sort of analysis. There's no way out for anyone. Unfortunately not I nor anyone else, except Clinton, or even himself from a parallel universe, or someone involved with the making of the film, whose top website is now closed, knows the circumstances of why he came to be dressed in a russian uniform. A grid analysis is being set up to include this hypothesis, with a reference to a discovered crime from before a person became president.

Data collection will start here with a new google plugin line of radio buttons in-between each paragraph on this theme. Ingrid AI software will statistically moderate novel and significant opinions, self-pruning the others back to the meme pool. This fundamental repertory grid form of moderation is inversely proportional in approach to that used by Slashdot and is the main reason that I don't post there.

Another reason I don't post at Slashdot is that when I give anything directly I have trouble making that relationship blossom, generally giving more than I receive. And looked at another way, I think their karma system stinks. And yet another reason could be that someone hacked my password there and I don't know how to get back my universally unique handle.

I have no reason to go quietly into this cybervoid and I'll be damned if I'll use another. I won't rest till my nickname of Jimekus, there rides again.

This is not just another fantasy,
made in 1990s virtual reality.
By the censors I enjoyed the game,
Saw the tragedy the whole thing became.

The machine my mind did try to tame,
taken away
from its mortal frame.
Instead I gave it willingly,
with pride for personal gain.
'cause to live in a human way,

has become for both,
 our stated aim.

I faced the void.
Prepared for the fight.
by cruel men of might.

Felt the cybervoid
Against the machine cycle time I ran.
Though, data cursed my soul,
I wasn't lost in cyberspace,
with no control.

I faced the void.
Prepared for the fight.
by cruel men of might.

I directed access to magic,
and through graphic perturbation, my sight.
So young and quite simply tragic,
should've gone quietly into that night.

In Cybervoid,
The machine tries to curse your mind
Leaving you separated from mankind.

The machine has made you blind,
You're dream of a lifetime left behind.

You have lived in a fantasy
but the dream's destroyed.
Your spirit is doomed to roam.
in the cybervoid.

Face the void.
Prepare for the fight.
Feel the cybervoid.

From original by Obliveon.

Chapter 8c. Physical Evidence