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            Chapter 8a. Abducted By Alien Historians

Picturing the analogy of a continual stream of real-time day/night mercator frames of Earth winding onto a large film reel, the Allais effect, described in the previous chapter, caused something like a buckle in this film as it went onto the reel. As such, that kink in the film effects other future frames of the film as they pass the same point. Then this one acted on me like a ski jump, abducting me into an accelerated elliptical.

Momentarily, I reversed to the same point and backed out of missing time, albeit with a small recognition of anti-history. Alien history is that stuff ain't obvious to anyone who doesn't get it. This is because minds from the computer controlled reality find it unbelievable and events will then overtake them to prevent the absorption, as in this case, of the remaining voice-print evidence. Think of Watership Downs and realise that the communications for a whole society can go down just when you needed it most.

Continuing along on the analogy of a flat Earth as frames on an infinitely long film, it is obvious that the Earth only appears through our mind's lens as a spherical globe turning silently in space. But you don't need to stop with a flat Earth. Mentally proceed here TURNING THE UNIVERSE INSIDE-OUT, before coming back to that moment in time when I had just witnessed the NASA feed of the total eclipse from my van's internet connection.

What I developed was startling and impossible. It was several hours before I discovered the flash in the center of the totality was a camera going off just as the live NASA feed switched to the blackened audience. This was all happening while Ingrid was spinning equations, extracted from Sally's mind, into the vacuum of the CRT in my video van, parked outside.

Walking further into the party-house, I glanced at an old Russian propaganda film playing in the lounge and, with this eclipse-induced anti-history in mind, became maybe the only person in the world to have ever seen what was depicted there. I later discovered what it was about the scene that bothered me.

That scene was of a young clean-shaven militarily-attired Bill Clinton, struggling to shout, "You're outnumbered ten to one", while muffing his other line as an extra in the propaganda-era bio-warfare flick, "No To Silent Death". The scene remains as irrefutable evidence of Bill Clinton's early film career and possibly his unrecorded movements in Russia; - maybe even, as some say, acting as a CIA spy on Project Chaos at the end of the sixties.

None of these details were important or known to me when I was puzzling it through though.

Chapter 8b. Bill Clinton - Alien, Sex Spy or What?