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            Chapter 8. New Spacetime Magic - Old Wounds

As the result of a few gigantic Internet surprises, I am updating this new found evidence into a new archive involving an old case of tort and criminal negligence on the part of the NZ Herald, who welshed on a deal to protect their source, namely me. - (turned up tracking down Bob's Letter and the recently revealed name of my childhood molester from the Daniel Card family, who by a strange twist of fate shares an Appalachian ancestor with Bill Clinton)

New data is in the form of that attached proof with the mildly photoshopped inlay of young Clinton showing his features aligned perfectly next to himself dressed in a military costume. On the left he is appearing to stand on a Russian tank.

I'm almost convinced now, that the original came to light likely involving the one-time use of my Ingrid software in a space-time warp. The strange discovery of the film scene in question took place nearly at 11:11pm on 11th August, 1999, when I was at an opposing eclipse party in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand.

The Allais effect that happened on the other side of the world from this total eclipse, caused by the summing of the gravity of both the earth and the moon, triggered an event at the place right where I was stepping. Streets singing, "... oh hang on a minute, these mushrooms just kicked in, think I might be finished". I went through a pendulous wormhole in the kitchen.

Chapter 8a. Abducted By Alien Historians