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            Chapter 7. The Power Of An Attorney

On another related matter, or altogether different; - take your pick: - I need an attorney to hire another attorney in St. Petersburg in Russia to negotiate contingencies on my behalf to purchase the world-wide rights to a propaganda-era documentary made by the Leningrad Film Studios. The film itself may unwittingly disclose a hitherto unknown cold-war spy operation wherein Bill Clinton was in Moscow on Operation Chaos. This may be subsequently why he became so powerful.

At first, when I started to look for a lawyer, I listened to an Aussie site's opening letter from Jan Moerkerke, as if it were addressed to me, concerning my own activities on my extensive web sites. The occasion was sobering to say the least. It was when I got to the reply that I drew the courage to see a parallel response to my own case.

Readers are welcome to call and discuss the following with me. Please call me on Auckland 9632150.

One friend has said: -

My Russian was really only sort of okay when I spoke with Eleanor who knew what I knew and what I did not know, so I would be no good to another Russian, but I am happy to call if they speak English. Tell me more

On 20-Oct-05 1:43:42 PM, j.Maxwell Legg ( wrote:
> I need you to get a phone call through to Russia.
> The parties email returned a failure notice.
> 12 Krukov Canal, St. Petersburg, Russia, 190068
> Telephone: (7 812) 114 5312, 114 4592
> Fax: (7 812) 114 3304
> E-mail:
> Internet:
> Dear Sirs,
> My client requests that I negotiate the purchase of the world-wide
> rights to one of your historical propaganda-era documentaries. The
consideration is to be negotiated
> in fair terms.
> Please get back to me as soon as possible.
> Yours sincerely,
> Jim Legg
From what Elanor also told my friend, I could not rule out that it was common knowledge in Russia that Clinton was the pin-up boy for the Russian morphology film crowd as the proto-American, and likely so, but why? I then heard that because of her job as a waterworks engineer she was caught in a Saint Petersburg facility explosion and killed.

I wondered if the cold war irony curtain was still being maintained, with defence lines having shifted to the psychowarfare front, but the violence is just as real. Cultural imbalance caused by cold-war secrets still cannot be allowed to circulate. For example the West now knows what it did not know: Clinton was a Russian poster boy. The West now knows the Russians knew, thanks to Elanor.

Ok, Ok, so earlier I thought of dressing up in a science fiction story about artificial intelligence and cloning what I'm really into, because that would allow me to write about things in a way that characters can be developed around a technology that has not yet happened. But a lot comes from my technical ability and what I think is possible and what is not. I gain power over other realms, because my possibilities allow for life extension for millions ahead of me.

Even though I'm maybe on everybody's kooks list, I keep my head down from protesting against injustice in the world today because my best contribution to humanity is my life's work on Ingrid. As such, I have no inclination to over-react to the secrecy and corruption of the present unjust monetary system. No thank you. My choices prevent me, hopefully not to strike terror, just quiet compliance.

I really hope this unknown science fiction plot might well program Ingrid into my after-life support system, so much so that I can't help thinking, "the sooner the better; - while I'm young". So, while my life is spent in preparation for a transitional death, I can learn much from those around me, like my sister, Liz, who became a Carmelite nun so long ago that she missed all the Beatlemania. Don't laugh. I think that if she can lead a life of poverty so can a mind-uploader like me.

Therefore look closely at my self avowed life of poverty as needing no more sustenance than that which all governments see fit to give in return for invalidating one's ticket. Thinking like I do could cause you to be unemployable, so watch out. Unless you want to become a government sponsored invalid like me. My vow of poverty was strategic at best. Wasn't it Nixon who said about building a man before destroying him. Say no more.

However, I am one of the successfully unemployed, doing and growing in what I'm best at, even for no reward. And guess what? I'm still doing that thing I was in business to do, before the establishment-mafia tried to close me down, which was developing Ingrid while earning my meal ticket as a veteran computer consultant who cut his teeth creating a world-class Global System for manufacturing and accounting in some Fortune-50 companies.

I have now got on quite nicely, keeping technically up to date, working insane hours on actively designing a neural-net economic system which will not only do away with the need for taxation but also counter the inherent loss of democratic information within capitalism itself. Hopefully next time, Ingrid will switch on some bulbs first and I'll see them coming.

But what has my life got to do with finding a hole in history?

Chapter 8. New Spacetime Magic - Old Wounds