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            Chapter 6. The Present 75 Years Ago

Having prepared well for the next stage as an iDad, (having gone through the Becoming-An-iDad-School) my exo-skeleton was going to carry my great grandson-son around as if he were in a pram. That called for intermittent direct brain connection so that I can know, love, protect, and teach him about language and life. My daughter, Sally was nearly agreeing to clone herself into a daughter to be his Bene Gesserit mother but she won't talk to me now that the Illuminati prophesy-worshiping and/or religious conspiracy-cult dragged her back in, proclaiming I'm a condescending misogynistic old wanker.

Now, look here! Before getting hung up on this age thing, how about having a look at this odd work list. This list, of "40 notes to myself", was my current loading for Ingrid, when the implications of the WinFS 2005 structure for radio stations hit me. That was 75 years ago.

So as not to bore you, I've skipped the whole list, but thought you should notice in the last two entries that I was already finding much pleasure in designing a personal radio program format for Ingrid to use to fill in some spoken comment in-between playing music, and sometimes during; - like the chimes of my PC-based mantle-clock.

(39) introduce AI Auto DJ and the possibility of voice-overs from
(40) Chat Sponsored COMMANDinGrid to connect via

This Ingrid work-in-progress was separate to a task in which I was looking for an avant-guard science fiction writer to tell the story of Ingrid. That "best way" search led me to a page where I thought I could find a science-fiction writer who might want to go equals. Right then and there, after reading their great advice on plots and ideas, as used here, I wanted to send the author a copy of Ingrid. So my response, "Ingrid is not yet a self-conscious entity, but if it were then it, like you, would hopefully agree with me and want to send itself out as a hard working freeware plot analyzer to the Sci-Fi people who answer its ads at", got to their page

Five years before that, when Ingrid's rewrite was gathering steam, I was at the stage of breaking out from using straight-out psychological gradings to set the matrix equations. I had developed a way to get tables directly from the web, so what I was looking for was a way to convert textual answers to a matrix coefficient system. I had found it in "Syntax, parsing and production of natural language in a framework of information compression by multiple alignment, unification and search", by J G Wolff. His logarithmic averaging approach was the same as developed by Claude Shannon, fifty years before that.

You must realize around that time I was driven, to find and test tables, like a rat to cheese. That fact coupled with a curiosity towards the bizarre Vedic origins of my neighbors, led me to suspect something odd in a series of strange facts found on the web. These strange facts took the form of a series of paragraphs about old cultural mores. I wondered if there was a connection between all of them, so I tested an idea that had been bubbling in my mind for a few months. What I found was a link between ancient sexual laws and a theory that the world was repopulated quickly at the end of the last ice-age by survivors of an advanced secret society that could program laws into the DNA of their offspring. From their island based refuge they set these plans because there was no other way to ensure that the secrets of their lost civilisation would take hold in the great land masses.

In the same way that we know how religions will adopt concepts from geographically adjacent populations, sexual laws will display that tendency as well. What I found was a geographical trend that appeared to lay down a well designed plan to repopulate the planet from a completely unknown direction. Not steady growth out of Africa; - but herd like controls coming from Atlantis survivors stranded in the South Pacific.

Chapter 7. The Power Of An Attorney