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            Chapter 5. Time Travel

The low-wattage extra low frequency that Ingrid transmitted behind the CRT screen was focusing, like a tornado, on the spaceless, timeless point touching everywhere. All matter pretends to dance on its single surface: that we commonly know as the supersymmetric vacua of the underlying world-sheet field theory; - a backbone of electromagnetic energy, an analogy of our high bandwidth long-haul internet pipes, the core of which logically should have the IP number or should that be

In a theme paralleling the 1999 film, "The 13th Floor", using a CRT, Ingrid can send waves of metaphysically arranged "intentionality" via slow electromagnetic patterns onto the screen of this pseudo vacuum, such that electron holes are opened up behind it, attenuated by the sound waves of the popular music driving the graphics. Ingrid's multi-dimensional text-thumper leaks meaningful temporal code to intergalactic internet-like structures, some of which will react to events in classic billiard ball fashion to the wavelength of these strangely persistent frequencies. Such structural entanglements in most - but not all factors, like we all experience in a long forgotten memory, are triggered by our sense of time.

Chapter 6. The Present 75 Years Ago