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            Chapter 4a. Psychic Actualisations

A while back, when Ingrid was the subject of a search for a science-fiction novelist to collaborate on a strange theme, the plot took an unexpected turn. This plot twist examines what happened when benign technologies over-react.

In the 21st century, we find Television is bifurcating. It wasn't expected to bifurcate. An analogy is taken from the first Matrix movie in which we saw the old pulse dial rotary phone become a hacker-folklore backdoor into the touch-tone world. TV is another much more modern technology than the Matrix phone.

Specifically, the technology that this research discovered to be falling over itself was vacuum emptied cathode ray tubes being confounded by the rhythmic oscillations of high speed computer driven meta-graphics. One is to the rotary dialer backdoor to the Matrix as the other is to the touch-tone dialer of computer controlled reality.

There's lots of boring math to wade through before your reality is snap frozen; transformed by inverse geometry via a singularity into other tiny abstract dimensions where our holographic universe is about one nanometer across. It is a convoluted reality where distance is curled onto self-similar vibrational threads, but when you can find your way around and back again your voodoo becomes strong.

At the beginning of the century, on one path that we see computer controlled reality moving to harmless liquid crystal flat screens and the TV tube VDU/CRT is dust-binned into the history of human junk. After 20 years of research, the other path was suddenly discovered leading towards the unchartered realm of computational clairvoyance, with an old vacuum filled Visual Display Unit sourcing a new voodoo and backdoor into other realities.

One Ingrid installation of mine turned out to be more highly tuned than a late 20th century Avid, even leveling superlatives. Hey that's, "A Ten Thousand Picassos ScreenSaver".

I was so stunned, even back in 1999, when I predicted on it how to observe Ingrid producing technical effects on a local quantum universe when run on a CRT, which was different than when run on an LCD screen.

Believe me when I say, I discovered the hard way, that the effects are not patentable, they are hard to believe, are random entanglements, hard to duplicate, but probably testable. They are Psychic Actualisations.

I was too late. Ingrid had already siamese-twinned us to another reality, stitched together by the two seconds of celluloid that changed the history of the world.

Chapter 5. Time Travel