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            Chapter 4. About The Genre

Some novels, set in the far future similar to the Dune series, intersperse their chapters with small quotes in italics and take references from an apocrypha. What you are reading here is not really that far-fetched so it uses, instead of apocrypha, passages in italics woven from the CIA Handbook Of Dirty Tricks, rock lyrics, and whatever else I can turn into a science fiction plot around my real life events. It is not a novel. I don't know what this is or if what I think is science fiction will be what you think. It may well be different, given the first half century of Ingrid developing into the world's foremost software package from the stables of cognitive science. It's often emulated, but never quite duplicated.

Starting with the simple idea of submitting tables of taxpayer priorities, but in a science fiction genre, Ingrid, (that's the generic name for my open source software), reactivated an economic goal for its AI Computer System.

I was writing, "... that even RFID tags as well, should continue to actively flow people's preferences as bi-directional transaction-based satisfaction quotients into local nets and beyond, even back to China, in a mandated world-wide accounting structure. Including shortly thereafter, that all the monetary component parts that are no longer able to be converted or consolidated, without disturbing the neural networks, then those transactions can be dispensed with in favor of gridinomics."

After all, Clinton slipped China some nuclear secrets in his first term and then legal access to computers so companies could manufacture there, in the WTO push of his second term.

Now I say, "why not give the whole world a new economic system to boot."

Chapter 4a. Psychic Actualisations