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            Chapter 3a. The Curse Of Ingrid

The purpose of Ingrid was not just to be my strategic planning tool for googling the world's economy.

Ingrid had to be continued being developed from within the confines of my internet-coffin; sealed during the lunar eclipse night of Thursday, January 31, 2018, for a long 22 month gestation.

Coming back as a brain in a bottle, even in a nanotech environment, I simply couldn't face the lack of purpose, (of not working on Ingrid), in such a severely diminished sensory state.

What did I know then?

Starting on a theme similar to Wagner's, "The Ring", the problem was that my Ekus UN-Incorporated had already posted its amended U.N. mind-uploader guinea-pig contract touching on aseity.

I had to get my consciousness distributed into "The Code", in the next ten years, so that it no longer depended on biology, or die trying.

That's how my virtuality developed, but now I've forgotten something. I've done my part. It's been six months since March 24th when I came back here, respectfully seeking to start my new life as an iDad, synthesizing DNA to bring up my own clone.

Enough waiting, already!

The curse of Ingrid was never having enough detail, causing it sometimes to overarch the laws of nature. Something I have to live with.

Chapter 4. About The Genre