This ebook is a pseudo science fiction novel written as ironic communications between Tonto and me, most definitely not acting even remotely or euphamistically as a terrorist in the guise of the Lone Ranger, but as irony for a recovering hapless victim of his own unique truth. I am free to protest here alone because the NZ Herald denied me that truth.

Nonetheless, you as the hailed brother sheep, oh failed reader, are heretofore, known as Tonto. Thrust into the public-eye, starting here; this is not your normal hassle-free zone.


Who told Tonto that I'm writing an ebook about me, Ingrid and a Bill Clinton spy scandal called, "Cheap Hotel"?

Maybe you've already found recent posts from me in relation to this finding of irrefutable evidence  of Clinton dressed in a Russian uniform. You should also know that both you and I and/or Ingrid as a means of human expression are being monitored by several defence departments. On my book site, I am making this knowledge and all my logs known. I did this for protection against repercussions that at the same time haven't been made known to Google via settings in my caveats.html file.

You have become inadvertently tied up with an "unreal" spy scandal for which I have, a week ago, started to publish the weblogs showing whomever is connecting to this web-server. The public version of those logs so far only cover the month of November 2005. I may not have to publish more. The reason the logs are important is in case all the physical evidence is destroyed. I did this because I realized that Ingrid could reconstruct mental states from readers of my book. Unfortunately now for you, is that should I "disappear" it will soon be unlawful, at least somewhere near this part of the world, for you to voice suspicion about what happened to me.

A newer introduction is here

John Kaminski wrote, "When you turn to your doctor, he will do one of two things: medicate you into oblivion or send you into a building inside which your life functions will be surreptitiously terminated as quickly and economically as possible."

Anyone ANSWER?

Why, I Jimekus, as uploader, would like the second option, if you'd please remove the word, "surreptitiously"?

Here is my Quotable quote to remedy the fear of the unknown, "Eliminate the unknown with XXClone". (see last section)

Sorry, it can't be used with a Mac. But first an ad from me.

Polymer Vision

Philips Technology Incubator
High Tech Campus Eindhoven 48 (Postbox: WA16)
5656 AE Eindhoven

The Netherlands

Until I placed HP inside its conical shaped stand, you couldn't tell if it was the modified hockey puck. Now anchored and spinning up, HP turned on.

A small charge activated the self-perpetuating gyroscopes that allowed HP to focus its Organic LED based laser projector. It was new from Polymer Vision. So new that it didn't even have a product number or contract with a project manager at Polymer Vision.

Understanding that there's no such reality as "sumthin happened", I beg you, the reader, to know that I could fill in all the blanks; - no trouble. I just don't have the time to present more than a review. But if you should ask yourself that question, remember that my living story is here as a self-perpetuating inducement to build Ingrid's AI into itself, in a material form.

How about reading the following extract from my upcoming pseudo science fiction ebook called, "Cheap Hotel".

"... They were always busy getting the neural networks to be constantly throwing their weights around to keep the top's gyros spinning and balanced on its tip. The trembling and rotating torus of the two centimeter diameter by twenty centimeter long slinky, joined end to end, kept the main magnetically held gyros gathering just the right amount of energy. This energy came from eighteen motors stacked inside the slinky. Each was tensioned by Ingrid's computer graphics and it was the induced torque from these intelligently deforming shapes that kept the flywheels, in orbit and rotating.

When the slinky rotated past the lens everything was smooth. Otherwise the slinky was dancing to its own spinning Hamiltonians.

On the main plane, attached at right angles to each other, were 72 anchor straps, four for each of the eighteen motors that could be spiraled inside. The slinky was laid inside the machined-out hockey puck.

Only a few of these motors, the ones lining up for the lens, were rotating under power. The rest were going through a state of OLED recharge. The motor passing directly in front of the light source is thus always held in a frictionless environment. With the slinky rotating slowly on its axis, it descended a magnetically-balanced precision thread.

The eighteen cylindrical motors were made of a spinning strip of bi-stable polymer, with two sets of windings. It was onto this substrate that another world was being encoded by a fast print head, which was writing a spot-charge onto a spiral of freshly charged OLED material. The spot then made its 180 degree revolution on the outer edge of this motor in order to produce its mark on a developing Mercator frame. That rotation was to the point where a laser, built into the motor's stationary core, projected the underlying pixel onto the other side of the film.

Intelligent Cameras recorded what was being projected and were used to correct parameters. HP did this in order to recognize its own projections into its external reality. Multiple spinning tops could thus be brought into play and HP stood at ease whenever a hologram was needed or manual focusing was requested by the human's Window's interface. Or, most importantly when it was projecting mass-media.

The motor at the lens revolved at 24.972 frames per second. This speed was governed by its fall through the induced gravity well of the rigidly vertical spinning top. Images, via fibre optics onto eyeballs, could be recognized just as easily as large projections onto the sides of buildings, with what seemed to be an enormously variable range of energy sources.

HP didn't always have to look like a hockey puck, or a spinning top either. It could make itself invisible too. All the computer's cells were inside the spinning top's convexed central pulley as well as some storage in the eighteen planetary motors.  "


2005-11-26 09:37:52 GET /robots.txt 200

2005-11-26 09:37:52 GET /IngridSetup.exe 200

2005-11-26 09:37:52 GET / 200

THE LINKS FOR THE LARGE DOWNLOAD FILES HAVE BEEN REMOVED FOR THE TIME BEING.  - IN THE MEANTIME TO CONSTRUCT THE LINKS.-  manually copy the (case sensitive) name of the exe or zip file that you want from below and paste it over the name "download.html" that you can see in your browsers location bar (up top) and hit Enter.

December 3rd, 2005

Ingrid Version 6.0142 - latest full build 25mb


or if you are behind a restrictive corporate firewall get the zip file.

There is no spyware, malware or anything of that ilk designed into Ingrid. There is an optional email registration on setup and there are other functions which allow you to consolidate schedules at your designated FTP site. There is also an extensive set of communication modules for inter operation and chat communication between several PCs running Ingrid. There is intrusion detection and also an automated function for providing updates. Also, normal grids and intrusion detection grids can be automatically created from tables in webpages, and the like.

If you have a scanner program, like the old one from F-Secure, that they now confirm [Subject: WF: C0DD31BF014250FF :n/a / Webhancer False Alarm ] to be reporting a WebHancer spyware false alarm in the Uninstall.exe then, if it isn't fixed soon - like they promised, it maybe was salted there by adverse interests. Or maybe it just can't tell much about what protocols are used to drive the internet. My advice is to ignore the warning or get a better scanner.

I separately searched Google Web and Google Groups for WebHancer and Installer2Go but found nothing :-

Google Groups did however bring up a Google text ad for WebHancer, saying it was a spyware removal tool. Surely Google isn't taking money for false ads. The plot thickens. For the time being, perhaps I should remember to sit tight instead of complaining about this Google / F-Secure / WebHancer / Ingrid false alarm fiasco.

I think all this FUD is like a WebCancer. But there you go.

One user has said of me, "If you take a more conspiratorial view, I would be more inclined to look at the CIA or FBI for the problem.  You make your anticapitalist views pretty explicit.  Could somebody have broken into your system and placed spyware in the program you are distributing?  A conspiracy of that nature would seem more consistent with the problem than does sabotage by my ISP.  [because] In this country, there is considerable competition between the telephone and the cable television companies for the high speed internet market.  They're just not going to risk everything to sabotage an obscure foreign computer program which, at best, is competition to a local nickel and dime program in which they have little or no interest."

I reply, "It's Digger2 & Co being a little more than concerned, because they know my anti-capitalist views are based on solid knowledge acquisition principles without the undesirable implications of digital money, and because they probably agree with the science behind my views. Like as not, I think it would be the Bill Clinton scandal-of-the-year. Is that what's driving them? Who knows, maybe they enjoy pushing this controversy".

From: "jimekus" <>
Date: Thu Dec 1, 2005  12:54 pm

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Let me tell you the story of,


First off you need to know that I have recognized that an attack from the United States Government onto one's PC will leave rootkits that no anti-spyware company will know about. Consequently, the higher the stakes, the higher the paranoia.

XXClone Freeware has the cure for the paranoia by eliminating the fear of the unknown. It does this remarkably well by eliminating the unknown.

The trick for me now is to swap two boot.ini files on partition 1, whch is a 5Gb clean install called RestoreDoNotUse. The second and third partitions, System1 and System2, are both set as 10GB partitions. The XXClone Freeware Full Backup alternates to quickly formatted partition 2 and 3.

Can anyone tell me why this is better than XXClone Pro using incremental backup especially for a paranoid systems administrator with good reason to suspect an NSA-type rootkit invasion?

When F-Secure software said my own Ingrid product had spyware attached to its Uninstall.exe, sabotage was suspected.

URGENT WARNING UPDATE 2006/04/14: XXclone has trouble with Windows Installer Rootkit. XXClone is great for weeding out bad rootkits but it also does not copy hidden folders in &tmp& which are needed MSI uninstall files. These hidden files are also hidden from Dos so it can be assumed that Windows is running its own rootkit and hiding them from XXClone. I have had to revert to using msicuu.exe when I need to reinstall a package, not a great price to pay now but the damage caused finding the cure would kill most people. Microsoft should not rootkit their own system. XXClone should find a work around. People should be warned of other potential Microsoft rootkits that I found XXClOne can expose.

Why?? Like they say, oh beautful Muriwai, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Click - "You're Outnumbered Ten to One"

This Sunday, a practical joker in a Lone Ranger costume named Kee-Mo Sah-Bee will take ShuttlePC to convince Auckland's Indymedia raise-a-crowd to join demonstration and become the Spirits Of Muriwai's Ghost. They will come to forgive Clinton, if: -

As announced today, Bill Clinton will speak at the Global Business Forum in Kee-Mo Sah-Bee hometown of Auckland on week of 20/02/06. (N.B. Walt Disney need to approve Lone Ranger costume and Hewlett Packard should spring for some hardware on the day.)

(1) he denies having Muriwai killed and

(2) further mea culpas up as to why he was wearing a Russian uniform in Moscow, and if

(3) he looses the challenge made to him in Chapter 10 of ebook on the subject called, "Cheap Hotel".

Muriwai, my cat, was boiled alive by Friejo & co, of the Al Qeada go-betweens. He who was rumored to have been poisoned pre 911 or otherwise whacked at the Christchurch by the NZ SIS for harrasing a judge. I bet $10 to the guy who told me that there'd be no death certificate for a hospital terminator.

Alternately, the public protest need not go ahead. Instead a virtual protest and challenge can be passed on by the convention management. Assuming Clinton doesn't cancel, a joyous outcome can be had by all.

Before making further contact with the police, etc., Kee-Mo Sah-Bee want to beg ASAP that Tonto have a backup of each chapter of - from PC, and Kee-Mo Sah-Bee need to see Tonto get each page.

With good vibes that the truth will eventually come out, Kee-Mo Sah-Bee would like to quote Tonto understanding of protest. Kee-Mo Sah-Bee want to see Tonto read each chapter while Tonto online and save all to disk after reading each one. As this goes to trial, Ingrid needs this IP Number/Page/Timing to measure Tonto understanding by comparing it to others. In all, the space needed to store on Tonto PC is below a tiny 2Mb and maybe a small video codec for an hour of listening.

When Kee-Mo Sah-Bee was in the city office today, there was a Peruvian man who was there on other business. Kee-Mo Sah-Bee would have sworn he didn't sound Spanish. Very harsh; sounded almost Russian. He saw Kee-Mo Sah-Bee film still of Clinton in a Russian uniform on the office PC and said he'd seen something similar years ago, but in that photo, Clinton was only wearing the Russian helmet from the waste up, like it was a dressing room and/or gay sex party.

Maybe they enjoy pushing this controversy.

Now you know I'm writing a book about me and Ingrid and a Bill Clinton spy scandal called, 'Cheap Hotel'?

Goodnight Tonto,

Kee-Mo Sah-Bee
PS. e., was I programmed for this?