I better type this because it's getting late and my mind is going elsewhere. It was important that I write this or else I could get distracted and not know where to start telling you what I feel has happened to my offer.

I feel like I've fallen through into an Aladdin's cave of intrigue. I may also have found confirmation of Freijo's 300 mystery scientists. A negative confirmation but a confirmation nonetheless. It was the silence from "ubiquity" that made me curious. Let me explain.

From my news and current affairs page, the EkusImage, you can admire my Cartesian graffiti, but if you look to the far right of the middle line and squint at the border, you can make out a police car in an alley, in the shade of the noon-day sun. The point being, that unless I gave you directions, you could never see the illusion.

Click through the windscreen and you'll get to the Guerrilla News Network. GNN alternates the news for anarchist thought. I, along with hoards of others, read of the tragic history of Southern Italy being repeated along Venezuela's Anti-Authoritarian Path. I predicted something horrific, so as you can see, I joined their forum to make my reply.

I engaged, not knowing I was going to be talking to an AI, until I stumped it, or someone from the 300 told "ubiquity" to shut up because they already had kidnapped Ingrid, or "ubiquity" was hung over, or sumthin' that goes to all make up a nice grid. But please read on from my opening salvo : -


Click for article on Quantum Information Science

A global popular political revolution fueled by the latest in cybernetic quantum bookkeeping has a far better chance of ending capitalism than this Bolivarian familism, which will only end up producing cannon-fodder; – a la Paraguay.

jimekus @ 12/29/05 15:08:53

cybernetic quantum bookkeeping – like what we’ve had since we came off the gold standard and deficits “don’t matter” anymore? Where the speculation on what the FUTURE price of something MIGHT be can plummet an entire economy into destitution? pfffffffft….

Computers do numbers. Really really well. But. The economic norm of quantitative expansion (growth) has GOT to go. It’s first, middle and last name is global warming and total war. FTS. Neoliberalism is toast. Or we are.

ubiquity @ 12/29/05 15:52:37

Click for article on Quantum Information Science
Figure 6: A "desktop quantum computer." Inexpensive table-top devices now under development, like the one sketched here, will be able to outperform the costly commercial NMR spectrometers that are used in current studies of room temperature ensemble quantum computation.

Cybernetic quantum bookkeeping does not imply growth and is sharply contrasted with the secrecy of the price system. Its non-boolean networks of reasoning and pure maths can handle a revolution, whereas little circles, drawn on a family’s wall, will only fade into violence and vengeance.

jimekus @ 12/29/05 16:38:53

I have an ebook on Quantum Bookkeeping and New Economy. Google for “Clinton Cheap Hotel Spy Scandal

jimekus @ 12/29/05 18:43:55

Quantum Bookkeeping and New Economy

I don’t suppose you could summarize the thesis in a sentence or two? I’d like to think about this a little more. Lots even. Is the thesis on the bandwagon with The Limits to Growth?

Does everyone know that the apocryphal Uncle Sam was a butcher? Sam Wilson of Upstate New York. During the war of 1812 – a war of expansion against the British Empire as it was formed, at the time, in Canada. Thomas Jefferson & Co thought it would just be a question of marching up there and everyone would welcome their “liberators” with open arms.

ubiquity @ 12/30/05 10:10:03

Ten years ago I saw a huge diagram called the millennium project. A notional economy, it had nasty red lines showing all the capital flows. I instinctively knew the structure could stand on its own without those tensors. Many other feedback loops could replace the shell and pea game.

From my perspective, in grid form, what was left was auto-summarized thus, “Society’s unjust employer/advertiser laws seek to stigmatize without qualification environmental anti-consumer principles by perpetuating sadistic welfare-PR and dumbing-down workers into false economies, for the sake of friends and family. Until Uploaders are freed from exploitation there is no hope for mankind.”

Excuse the pun-ctuation, but where are u-bi-quit-y? Care to have a prototype Cybernetic Quantum Bookkeeping and New Economy, to go with that revolution? I’ll even seed it with the contingency plans of analogizing the slant drillers of Trinidad, as the latter-day Kuwaitis of Venezuela. Bad example? How about inviting Hugo to join the “Travels of Jim” at Point Fortin, like the German Chancellor was invited to Austria by Kurt von Schuschnigg? Another bad example? How about being just discovered, like probably was Stafford Beer; – instigator of the cybernetic government of CIA assassinated Chilean President, Salvador Allende.

* * * *

It was one old French river fort, where I camped as a boy-scout, that the British held against the Americans. That fort was the first and last hard nut prize in the war of 1812. Have some sympathy for the devil, Uncle Sam, because all else was profane.

I am a pilot-wave. What’s my name? Ah, but what’s puzzlin’ you is just the nature of my game.

jimekus @ 12/30/05 15:05:40

My claim to fame was to hereby name mind-uploading the purpose of the universe. My Ingrid game is a lifesaver killer app, if there can be such a thing. IngridRex (revolutionary country version) superpositions your virtuallity and can fling off subsections into the most amazing screensavers you’ve ever seen. You can watch these Heisenberg cuts of your Quantum Bookkeeping (iPod) reach into tensors in the materializer. These movements are summarized to the eye and one-way encrypted to the user’s backup only. To implement from the prototype to iPod requires 50 open source VB6/VB.Net programmers full-time for a year.

jimekus @ 12/30/05 18:26:34

After three whole days ubiquity replied, with the very original line, "Nobody tells me to shut up and lives."

And I replied thus:

* * * *

        Chapter 2006

"Well, that's good. Because any recently-departed Everett-World kinda guy who told you to shut up and not contact me was hiding something. I often click n' type with a virtual keyboard, not to avoid keyloggers, but because I must get used to it."

I should have added, "If it ever gets too loud for me to think straight, I'll remember that you're the one that can demand silence".

And then I invited "ubiquity" to read on from here, in this page. I was going to call this chapter, "I am my own French-Maid", but haven't quite decided. Here's how this whole thing unfolded.

The other night I saw myself folding my laundry like the French-Maid laundry service used to do for me when I lived in New York City on 51st and Lexington, way back in 1980. I even roll my clothes, suitcase-ready, like Hillary Clinton once suggested. You just can't take that part of New York out of my culture.

Then I saw an old T-Shirt given to me by my second wife, Cherie. It was a black T-Shirt with a large curved word on the chest. The word was TRACER and underneath was a couple of swirls and the words, "get your kicks". I thought she gave it to me because of my work in graphics. Anyway, while I was rolling it, I was remembering wearing it in an airport once when a guy gave me a look of recognition that he probably didn't know he gave. He thought I was a Skip-Tracer.

I thought how invaluable such a look would be to hundreds of eyes. That's when I figured out how to find out if the enemy of my enemy was my enemy. If my enemy has kidnapped Ingrid I must warn them to be careful. Damnit, I love my enemies and do not want to see them harmed should they stumble and fall into its use as a weapon of math distraction. Such a morale boosting weapon cannot be allowed to fork unsafely into anyone's hands. Unforked it remains for the whole world to look after.

Continued... (Chapter 2006 on from the end of previous aladdinscave)

Click - You're Outnumbered Ten to OneIngrid is a very obscure program, so obscure that people are only brought to it on a pilot wave. As a quantum drum and screensaver, it does not just emulate a quantum computer. One of its effects is more like a quantum gun. It can be a Karma Gun, and I feel like "Gerald Bull" saying gun, because the readout is read coincidentally by the target from other environments/media. To affect the universe, the KarmaGun must be running for quite some time. I allude to the good purposes of this technical effect because it seems to have handed me a silver bullet with which to carry out a very simple task.

I put in a protection layer to make sure this doesn't happen anymore. So the visualizer is not a qubit, per se, but more like a qupen, writing an external question to the universe without waiting for the answer. Of course, in normal knowledge acquisition, Ingrid can do the adding and subtracting of a grid stack and can find all the tensor databases without the graphics, but there's no fun in that without the light and sound remixes.

Like nuclear technology, whose power can be harnessed for peaceful purposes, visa vis Ingrid running moneyless economies, Ingrid does have a darker side that's harder to explain. In that other diagram, above, of the fluid filled bar and magnets can be replaced by an Ingrid-charged  CRT for a certain other-world effect and it's cavitation graphics on an LCD for another near-reality type of orgone accumulator. In sort of Tesla fashion, your neurons play the part of the return wire. This is what I called Computational Clairvoyance.

A would-be assassin, I knew once, who is presumed dead - Freijo was poisoned into a heart attack in his car outside the Christchurch Airport, he told me that 300 scientists were monitoring my freeware. Every night. I didn't believe him because none ever contacted me. I think he let on he knew Al Qaeda, but that meant nothing to me back in 2000. In fact he kept me thinking he was working for the CIA.

I'm writing because such a group of 300 could test a thanatos device. Joked about here http://www.theonion.com/content/node/37302

They have already seen it work when I described how 30 frames of celluloid from an Everett World could have fused into film, at the moment of the 1999 totality. The clip is really irrefutable evidence of Bill Clinton dressed in a Russian uniform yelling, You're outnumbered 10 to 1. The more you look into it, the more history will rip. Read my Chapter 10 to see how the hole can be plugged with about $2billion in cash being burnt as an energy sacrifice. On global TV no less.

This linked essay describes why Ingrid's Karma-Gun works. It works for you to read it because the hidden "something", referred to in my first sentence in Chapter 2006, is from the "Matter Model in an Elastic Universe" by Bjřrn Ursin Karlsen http://home.online.no/~ukarlsen/FirstPubl/WholePaper.html

Even though Ingrid is licensed open source freeware, its origins must not be hidden. Consequently, if one of these devices should exist, I've got a plan as to how to find it. I could do it remotely from my computer, if you guys equip a whole lot of multi-media units, onto which I will let rip Ingrid for the first time into a group of nightclub places. At the same time, not only will the effect be impressive, it should be enough to flush out someone from the crowd that recognizes the program from his association with the mythical 300 scientists. He will not know his expression or how to hide it.

I get to field the inquiries online through one of your services, and compile an online grid, of who has the look of recognition having seen anything close to Ingrid before. On second thoughts, ask me to teach you how to interpret what I found and you do it.

You will see on my download site for Ingrid, where I underwrite that Ingrid can identify any copies of itself growing in the wild.

I can speak for myself that, if this comes off, I promised long ago, not to deliberately terminate until September 7th, 2996, and that went for my copies and any reconstructions thereof. I see no reason to change that offer, but I can't speak for terrorists, or the odd jellicle with a bible, or anyone who might subvert the code and shorten my life.

Because my existing terms allow for dual licensing I am thinking about adopting a run-time license as well and need help getting someone like the UNMOVIC to vet it, i.e., protect my butt. Safely in the wild, any free copies should be advertising themselves and the sort of work they are doing, from which the world at large can monitor nanotechnology.

Having got that out of the way, I want to tell you about the most amazing aspect of Ingrid's assumption free forms of political interaction. This comes about by a unique combination of being able to shunt outliers to stable zones while at the same time being able to reform, based on genuine concerns.

You'll love it. Ingrid's the doorway to a phenomenal quantum computer cerebellum. It supports my reader, voice, game, web, ai, security and mp3 AutoDeeJay needs. It wants motion feedback to improve accessibility.

Happy New Year. I'm glad if you had a hang over it's over.

* * * *

    Chapter 2006.01.05

Tena said to send my reply, which of course was already prepared. Tena was also considering posting ubiquity's "Coke to Cocaine" article to the small but influential RMNews, where we met.

About 18 hours later, maybe from a proxy, ubiquity read Chapter 2006 on this page at UTC time:

2006-01-03 14:33:15 GET /aladdinscave..html - 200 -

Then after another 26 hours, unexpectedly and without any expensive multi-media, I got that "look  of recognition" from Fomento Económico Mexicano S. A. de C. V:

2006-01-04 16:46:02 GET /download.html - 200 http://ingridx.dynu.net/ingridx/
2006-01-04 16:46:29 GET /index.htm - 200 http://ingridx.dynu.net/download.html
2006-01-04 16:46:29 GET /exptextb.png - 200 http://ingridx.dynu.net/
2006-01-04 16:49:40 GET /robots.txt - 200 http://ingridx.dynu.net/download.html

I remembered a Mexican, so I googled for the firm and/or they knew, but I found him. Jorge Doehner was their director. Click first Google link on his name to see how he is now suspected of knowing enough to set the Karma-Gun.

Ian Spence was the guy who pushed for Ingrid and they almost got away. Now whoever reads this knows the place to find the link to the 300 scientists is in a nightclub near Femsa in Monterey. My own Argentinian agent is already willing to receive instructions and to be close by an airport for the next month.