Edward John Legg 3/9/1939 3:15 PM Time Zone is 3.75 Hrs. Georgetown Guyana Buddhism and Science Chinese world religion All religions die of one disease, that of being found out.  Religion and the Racist Right Islamic world religion The Modern World of Witchcraft - was Modern world religion Theories for Concurrency and Real Time Roll Call of the Lesser Devils I - was These spirits are doomed unless they can abduct you - was CLING TO THIS WORLD AND YOU\'LL SURELY DIE MADNESS & LIBERATION - was - the Schreuderspitze: One Man\'s Climb to Individuation CounterPunch, America\'s Best Political Newsletter - was Sociological Subject Areas The Gift That Lives On inGridX - was WinGrid - was- Ingrid Thought Processor at London University Real Media vs. Computer Media or Get yourself links to a copy of DeCSS from www.2600.org RPGnet - The Inside Scoop on Gaming - was Xena - JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS - was Mirrors don\'t invert images but spheres do. why are we now uploading into cyberspace oppressive future society in which reading is considered criminal conduct WORLD WAR II: THE MYTH OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY - was THE MYTH OF MALE POWER Wired - was Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters - was Internet Guide to Construction of Quality Online Informing - was Spiritual Infinity The Cost of the Death Penalty Is Caesarism the Conspiracy? - was Social Criticism Library Catalog - was THE RICH AND THE SUPER-RICH A Study in the Power of Money Today - was Down with Capitalism and the State! Virus warning from Hell - Who holds a deed on truth Penal Code (1809) Evolutionary Quantum Computation euthanasia medical rationing right to die ECONOMIC STATISTICS BRIEFING ROOM Burroughs On Scientology - was OBE,Meditation,Reincarnation,Dreams Quantum time waits for no cosmos - was This hole is indeed black The Origins of Christianity - was cyberspace has existed as long as communication has existed Subject: [ingrid] Career Summary - was Software for Creativity & Idea Generation Techno, ahem, Electronic Music uploader record thyself Inverted Pyramids in Cyberspace Cracking Cube: Cryptology and Ichnography - was Why Ethics? Why Now? Ten Things Missouri Lawyers Must Know About the Internet - was Tell me about hacking Web pages Nietzsche and Philosophy The Realities Beyond the Recent Robotic Probe of the Queen\'s Chamber The Keys of Enoch - was An Empty Light Area Habit of Lies - was Understanding Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis - was Lies My Psychology Professors Taught - was HYPNOTIC DRIVING Senior Cyborgs Death and Dying - was Death from the Point of View of the Sikh Religion Who owns cyberspace? How Cartels Punish THE INTRODUCTION, INCREASE, AND CRASH OF REINDEER ON ST. MATTHEW ISLAND - was The dabate is on Medical Rationing and the right to die TURNING THE UNIVERSE INSIDE-OUT - was Re-emotionalize after pioneering adjustments. The Neuroscience of Cyberspace - was Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Science join in Dreams Will Globalization Make you Happy? - was Social norms say if you consume you\'re rich JAILBREAK! - was Philosophy and Religion - Dialectical Materialism - was something to do with Bifurcations, Hindus, etc. The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School - was Do Your Own Thinking Our Science can plan to upload now - but can it plan without me? Proposal B Eureka - A Prose Poem By: Edgar Allan Poe (1848) - was Transhuman Augmentation can prove this now in principle. Align your psychology to a Thought Processor and fight dementia and stygmatisation The problem of psychological time - was Why not. This wormhole is only open till 07-SEP-2996 Environmental Justice and shared fate The energy costs of the Uploader are minimal Why We Need the Puritans - was How never to get fired - was High Touch - High Quality dreams of Primary Enrichment through Friendship Feudalism Start now to Save yourself for my last three minutes of 07-SEP-2996 Society PR says your duty is to die and not Upload. Advertising History According to the Textbooks - was Private Property is probably unable to afford development but Capitalism punishes the poor Tesla’s Electromagnetic Pyramids - was The Return of Dr. Strangelove - was The Media is qualifying your right to live - Donaghue July 1993. Depreciation Man\'s Socially Sadistic Laws The Metaethical Needs of the Invalid Check Sally\'s Religion link A personal page of j.Maxwell Legg Xtra - was Webmail logon HOTMAIL - was This dead link is a bug on the corporate windscreen of Intel. Got held hostage here to their dark forces. - was How to export to 3D STUDIO MAX What\'s So Bad about Living in the Matrix? dict.org - was define.com (di fi n\') vt. -fined, -fin-ing WinGrid\'s Personal ICQ Communication Center Download WinGrid with Copyleft Freeware Commitment Link to my Webcam FuckedCompany - was Go.com - was Infoseek A pure search product. SYSTEM LIMIT PROGRAMMING THAT THEY MAY BE ONE: TO HEAL THE SCANDAL OF A FRAGMENTED CHURCH - was Church-State Separation Supreme Court Decisions machine space Computer-aided geometric design - was Mike Henderson\'s Implicit Surface Algorithm - was The Algorithm Selling Wine Without Bottles Freedom of Speech in Software - was Project Gutenberg Etext of The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare - was Do most futures traders lose money? Still Waiting For Greenhouse Legal Affairs - Man and the Machines - was Globalization CNN.com - While policy-makers squabble, Amazon vanishes - ... - was Policy makers Ethiopian Constitution culture ellsberg-on-secrecy Cyber-Activism - was Once More Into the Cyber the ONION- America\'s Funniest News Source - was From The Wilderness - was Money in Politics Whole Systems - was Systems Theory Excerpts from Behold a Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper - was Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments geographical space Dreams Engineers Have The accountability of governments, it turns out, is an economic as well as a political issue. Billions for Banksters Online Journal - was Earth Changes TV - was EarthSafe 2022 A reluctant Bloggist - was The Looming Threat of Asteroid - was Government Brandishes New Powers in Cybersecurity Reforming U.S. military secrecy / policy makers Escaping The Matrix. Are you ready for the Red Pill? - was preservation system  Notes on Scalar Detector Designs -was Many are called, but few chosen - read in light of the ZPE THE WINGRID PCP/IP PARODY - was Selecting a preference The Dark Alliance - was Siam culture Computing and Common Sense - was Applied beliefs (better than http://www.xenos.org/essays/ethases.htm ) The Web As A Personal Growth Medium - was growth medium Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - was Comsumer Behaviour My Qualifications Slashdot | Shadowrunning In The Corporate Republic - was Advertiser PHILOSOPHY - was Freemasonry Watch - Monitoring the Invisible Empire - was The Inner Machinery Politics of Explanation - Was IDEOLOGY AND INSANITY Welfare Animals for profit - was Children Beyond Distopia - 1984 JUDGE CULTS BY THEIR FRUITS - was Law and Religion An XML-Based Transforming Text Editor: Basic Principles - was XML Principles Zero Point Energy The Significance of Enrichment The Occult - was SATANISM - A Basic Introduction - was Taxation Planning in Competitive and Turbulent Environments Secret Societies/New World Order by Milton William Cooper - was Mass Testing for Mind Uploading Science & Philosophy HUMAN PSYCHOLOGIGAL \'INFRASTRUCTURE\' and \'SUPERSTRUCTURE\' - was Consciousness Computation and Social Constructionism - was Memory, Narrative, and Identity Gaia as it is right now (needs a VRML Player) Principal Components and Factor Analysis - was Descend the focused binary diagram before proceeding - click here for background United States Patent 5,032,798 Near Death Experience - was Destiny involvement potential experience identity individuality father THE SQUARE ROOT OF MINUS ONE IS THE MIND-MATTER LINK mentality communication siblings travel love romance partnership values women drives sexuality men brothers desire wisdom vision expansion conviction space Time Was Created by a Timeless Point - was challenge concentration restriction time RED SYMPHONY - was originality renewal revolution eccentricity transcendence spirituality illusion suffering Charles Hoy Fort Bibliomancer Extraordinaire - was transformation humiliation power underworld destiny involvement potential experience The Reproduction of Daily Life - was - identity individuality father instincts unconscious mother Google News - was ThiemeWorks - was mentality communication siblings travel love romance partnership values women drives sexuality men brothers desire WE HAVE BEEN MISLED - was wisdom vision expansion conviction space challenge concentration restriction time This Is The Real Matrix - was originality renewal revolution eccentricity Religion, Spirituality and Transhumanism - was Book of Shadows Pages 2001-2100 - was transcendence spirituality illusion suffering transformation humiliation power underworld Mary Frances Legg 7/24/1940 11:45 AM Time Zone is 4 Hrs. Quebec Canada Elizabeth Ann Legg 8/5/1941 3:40 AM Time Zone is 3.75 Hrs. Georgetown Guyana This is where I went to school and was abused by Christian Brothers. - My brother now teaches there - was David Maxwell Legg 10/9/1943 4:50 AM Time Zone is 4 Hrs. Port of Spain Trinidad William Roland Legg 1/19/1947 4:15 PM Time Zone is 4 Hrs. Port of Spain Trinidad Maxwell James Legg 11/7/1948 9:15 PM Time Zone is 4 Hrs. Port of Spain Trinidad Sally Louise Legg 2/14/1975 2:30 AM Time Zone is -13 Hrs. Auckland NZ Hugh Nicholas 1/14/1974 4:30 AM Time Zone is -12 Hrs. Napier NZ Brent S. Hayward 9/26/1958 8:00 PM Time Zone is -12 Hrs. Masterton NZ Auckland rain radar ABC NEWS Online - JUST IN - was The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia Canada The Many-Worlds FAQ - was Scientific Rationalism and Materialism LEVERAGING THE INFOSPHERE http://go.to/silentdeath Social Strife May Have Exiled Ancient Indians - was COOPERATION AND COMPETITION: Flying Phones HAARP Fluxgate Magnetometer Guerrilla News Network:- was WAYPOINT 1 - TIDES Dynamical Symmetries in Quantum Chemistry - was The Reciprocality Project - was Dynamical Symmetries Go Sailing With Bob (or ask me how I saved myself from death.) Travels of Jim Earth View Weather Map The Four Hundred - was Money Manipulation - was In the WinGrid WYSIWYG matter as software ekonomy, you don\'t need money GOESFULL Satellite Imagery - Where _What is this?_ is from. WinGrid, SpinGrid and ImaginGrid use the power of Computational Clairvoyancy Mathematical Problems The Alien Jigsaw: MILAB Part I - was ADVANCED MIND CONTROL APPLICATIONS On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology - was Rumor Mill News Reading Room Forum - was RMNEWS_DAILY_EMAILS (Yahoo too Peek\'aBoo) NZ News AltaVista Translations SKY TV Online MediaChannel.org -- A Global Network of Over 580 Media Issues Groups Guardian Unlimited banned - was Hello Nanotechnology, Bye, Bye Money! Ihug MOTD New Zealand WHITE PAGES (tm) Phone Directory The World Clock WestpacTrust - IOLB: Login page Buenos Aires Herald On Line Scalar Wars - was Zap Shadow of death falls on Blair Hints for Using Repertory Grid - a non-freeware front end elicitor but the advice is free. Hail Brother Sheep Astrolabe\'s Free Astro Chart Data Input Page Daily \'Free Energy\' News - was Global Warming - was LOSERSCOPES by Pam Heffernin @ CHICKENHEAD.COM: Auroral Activity Extrapolated from NOAA POES General Nothingness Theory - was Scoop - was Ars Technica Kuro5hin.org: technology and culture, from the trenches Earthquake data Can This Black Box See Into the Future? CONSPIRACY PLANET - was Conspiracy Nation (CIA - compromised) Rumor Mill News