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Objective 2000. .

After two years of careful preparation, last year I completely redeveloped the WinGrid open source freeware project in Visual Basic 5.0. I am now looking to position it in the crowded middleware tools of online analytic processing. WinGrid 1.01, due out shortly to fix memory, is now handling 153x153 grids albeit up against my system's programming limits. To this end I am delaying WinGrid 2.0 development until the release of Visual Basic Next Generation which includes new object oriented programming features, such as, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Overloading, Polymorphism, Parameterized Constructors, and the other additional modernized language features of Free Threading, Structured Exception Handling, Type Safety, Shared Members and Initializers. As Visual Studio 7.0 has not been released yet, I want to develop for a 3rd party on a project to coincide with its release. In the meantime I'm going to show you how I propose to apply an XML reference grid using my career summary, previously published in HTML as follows.

Career Summary 1969-1999

Commercial Experience


Job Roles

 Artificial Intelligence
 Database Administration
 Technical Writing

Skills rated as fairly good

 Adobe PhotoShop
 AntiVirus Software
 BASIC (non Visual)
 Lotus 1-2-3
 Macintosh System
 Microsoft Access
 Microsoft Access 2.0
 Microsoft Visual Basic
 Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 +
 Netscape Navigator
 SQL Server
 Visual Age

Programming and operations consulting: author and licensor of a 45 man year, field-locking, event-driven, just-in-time class manufacturing and accounting development called Global in NZ, Sydney, Melbourne, New York - running on MS-DOS, Novell, VMS, Unix, and early Wang. A continuing venture as computer consultant. Employed as software development manager (Auckland NZ). Formed and managed an Apple/Hewlett Packard dealership (Auckland NZ). Consultant to Fortune 50 companies. International software resource provider (NZ,Aust, USA). Systems designer for RDBMS, 4GL, MRP-II, WinGrid neural net mirroring. Employed as field engineer for what were the world's top three computer companies.


High interpersonal communication; verbal and written skills. Strong understanding of computer markets. Effective sales ability. Marketing, strategic planning and implementation. Wide knowledge base. Negotiation ability. Creativity, initiative, innovation. High energy, determination, self-starter. Idea/concept development and marketing. Organization and planning. Financing, discount cash flow analysis.

Bert Buckley says, "Ingrid is a damned fine tool, which operates at
an intuitive level for me.  "WinGrid" sounds good to me.  One of the
big software companies would probably pay a marketing team a small
fortune to come up with that name. It's got that snappy marketable
feel to it. Quote me as much as you want."

Check out my proposed banner ad highlighting this name change and to


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·Designing, statistics and engineering training - Sales-cycle teaching of early computer science to staff at Auckland University. ·Statistics and computer programming - Canon Business Systems, Auckland. ·Theory of disk drive maintenance - Hewlett Packard, Wellington. ·Financial modeling training - Fletcher Holdings, Auckland. ·Marketing management training - Wang Computer professional development, Auckland. ·Systems analysis, production planning and critical path programming - Union Carbide, Auckland. ·Using WinGrid's principal component analysis in personal construct theory - Strategic Planning Services, Auckland. ·National database and fourth generation language symposium - BIS Applied Systems, Sydney, Australia. ·Computer management training - Trilogy Business Systems, Auckland. ·Function point analysis - Eberhard Rudolph Associates, Auckland. ·Computer graphics and advertising - Xerox Ltd., Auckland. ·Typography and design - Alphagraphics, Dallas, Texas. ·By 1989 held registered licenses of over 100 Apple and MS-DOS applications and communication products. ·Novell installation and supervisor training - The Network Center, Auckland. ·Windows databases - Windows Solutions Pty Ltd., Melbourne. ·Successful copyright litigation - Australian Court System. ·Studied over 150 books in a four year course to update my AI skills for computational cognitive neuroscience - Melbourne, Sydney and Vancouver. ·Publicly Interviewed cyberspace author William Gibson, attended workshops and demonstrations of many digital sound and image-production systems including Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and Parallax's Alias and Matador - Centre for Image and Sound Research (CISR), Vancouver. ·Assisted in developing a marketing plan for a new generation of laser scanners for the motion picture industry - Pthalo Systems, Vancouver. ·Java development and programming - Sun Microsystems and Netscape Communications Corp, via internet access.


Horses, biking, chess, computers, travel, reading, surfing. Advanced Computing and Communications. Statistics and Artificial Intelligence. International relations and travel. Reading for personal development. Equestrian Eventing. Super-Human Radical Cyberdemocracy. (this is a slow loading MUST READ.)

this section which virtually stopped being updated since 1996, reopened a little in 1999.

30 Years Of Hardware-Software Beta Testing Programming Computer Salesman

Singer, Canon 1210, 141, 164P, SE600, Range, Dec PDP8, Ibm System 3, Hp 9810, 9815, 9820, 9821, 9830, 35, 45, 41c, Wang 2200a, B, C, S, T, Vp, Mvp, Vs, Pc, Pc280, Pc Xt, Qantel Range, Apple II, III, Mac ·IIx, LcII, Epson Hx20, Honeywell Xpc, Sharp Pc6200, Wyse 2214, 3216, Workstation 286, Decision 386, Pc Clones 20-30 Not Listed, ·Compaq Prolinea 4/66,  ·Intel 486dx66 ·Pentium 75, 166, 233Mhz ·Toshiba Satellite Pro 430cds.

Desktop Publishing

Ventura 1.1, 2.0, Pro, Freehand WM 1.0-·5.0 Pagemaker 2, 3.0, ·4.0 Quark Express 3.0, Cricket Presents, Pfs, First Publisher 3.0.


Appletalk, Novell, Ethernet, Tops, Laplink, Lan Assist, Tcp/Ip, Windows Networking.


Hp Basic, Niakwa Basic-2c III, Basic-2, Ms-Basic, Pascal, Rpg II, Assembler, Quickbasic 4.5, Turbo-C, Fortran, Hypertalk, ·Java++ ·Perl ·Access Basic, Visualage For Basic, Visual Java ++, Envelop Basic, Vbdos, Visual Basic 5.0, Visual Studio 7.0 (ordered)

Operating Systems

Wang 2200, Global (Author), Cpm, Ms-Dos 2.1-·7, Superdos 5.1, DR Dos 5.0, Novell 2.15 2.2 3.11, Unix/Xenix, Windows 1.0-·3.95, System Manager, Macintosh System 6-·7.5.


·Word DWM 2-8, Wang-Wp, Visicalc, Multiplan, Open Access, Wordperfect, Symphony, Lotus 123, Wordstar, Pc Tools, Sidekick 95, Fastback ·Norton SuperKey, Viewlink, ·Quicken Dwm 1-7 ·Rightwriter 3.1, Direct Access ·Xtree Gold Brief ·Microsoft Office Pro 4.3 - 97, ·Quickbooks 3.0.

Applications Authored

Statistics, Surveying, Engineering, Payroll, General Ledger, Manufacturing, Debtors, Creditors, Inventory, Sales Forecasting, Property Management, Word Processing, Electronic Mail, Fleet
Management, Wingrid Decision Support, Financial Modelling, Treasury Revenue, Wingrid Thought Processor, Point Of Sale.


·Systems Analysis, ·Software Design, ·Interface Design, Systems Programer, ·Software Support, ·Communications, ·Application Programer, ·Hardware Support, ·Personal Lawyer, Database
Administration, Desktop Publisher, ·Touch Typer, Function Point Analysis, ·System Integrator, Type Setter, ·Graphic Design, ·Media Artist, Copyright Research, ·Financial Management, Market Research, Technical Writer.


Global (Author), Paradox, Visual Basic & Sql Server, Object Vision, ·Microsoft Access 2.0-8.0, Filemaker Pro, Plus All 1996 Versions.


Riteman F+15, Brother 4016, Toshiba P1351-P351, Dataproducts Dp20, Ndk 4000-5020-7700, C-Itoh 8510, Ci-300, Ci-3500, Ibm Proprinter, ·Apple Laserwriter IIntx, Wang 2221w, 2231w, 2245, 2261, 2275, Hp Laserjet IIId, ·Hp Deskjet 540c.

Virus Security

Certus, Dr Solomans, Virusafe, Vet, Sam Antivirus, Interferon, Cmos.

Executive Systems

Execucom ·WinGrid (AUTHOR).

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Mitel 10, Hybrex 256, Commander, ·Nokia 2110, ·Cellular Data Card.

Fax/Voice Systems

Cfax 4800, 9600, Ccom 9600, Intel Connection Copro, Complete Communicator, Netcomm Fax/Modem, Winfax, Faxtalk, Quicklink Fax, ·Faxworks 3.0, ·Faxstf 3.1.1, ·Cheyenne Bitware.


Concord V22, Case 1200, Dick Smith Bit Blitzer, Scitec V.22bis, Hayes Smartmodem, Ceidata, Netcomm 1234sa, CCOM, Datatronics 24h, ·Supraexpress 144i, ·Microcom Deskporte Fast 28.8, ·Us-Robotics 14.4, ·Dynalink 56k.


Distributed Databases - Wavelink (Author), Remote Control - Carbon Copy, Pc Anywhere, Cosession, Asyncronous - V21,V22,V.22bis,V23,V.32,V.42,·V.34, Telix, Procomm Plus, Synchronous - Hasp,3780,2780,X.25,V.34, Electronic Mail - Minerva, Asmail, All-In-One
Packet Switch - Austpac, Pacnet, Internet, - Netscape 1.0-·3.0,  IE3.0-5.0, Mime, ·Cgi, ·Html, Pine, Eudora, Slip, Tcp/Ip, +++.