The inGridX Thought Saver

"Ingrid, aka WinGrid, is political software in action."

Chapter 2007 Ingrid 7.3.01

    Graphics processing is based on a linear database kernel re-engineered from Patrick Slater's famous psychological repertory grid subroutine. Named after this subroutine, Ingrid v7.3 will hopefully lay semantic long-tail search plans to form a dynamically flexible, graphically acoustic, externally scheduled version of RadioChomsky4pp.exe into a global grid computer. This and the instructions to get the latest Ingrid On Winamp software are ready for download now at

    Now here's my perennial request for help in identifying the subject of what I described, on its web form, to a Rent-A-Spy Inc. I only told them of the discovery I made of the young version of a very powerful personage c.1970. The subject is shouting a criminally compromising line in an obscure 16mm film (Name Withheld). They are to assume that I'm fearing for my safety should they become involved. Cautiously, while hoping they might help, I only gave my first name (Last Name Withheld) and an unidentified prepaid Simcard number for them to text me their investigator's email contact.

    Finding the film title from the first CAM snippet of this film and knowing that, at exactly 18 minutes from the ending credits, he is to find the 30 frames in question, an independent investigator will pass this info onto an IAI affiliate. Foreign associates can then retrieve the original. My point is that, knowing in advance only that this may identify a very high level alleged crime, but not yet the personage, any curious investigator can be proven to have started out uncontaminated, as the evidence demands. Thus I hope to remain on the other side of a legal "Chinese Wall" from thence on; finally to remove my evidence from this website.

    The inducing Ingrid software includes complete open source code under its own license. There is a discussion at about future license changes for those wanting an OP Client or to protect against nano-terrorist use of Ingrid. Such dual licenses can be introduced under the present terms of *The Strong inGridX Free Public License 1.1*, available at

    Unfortunately the quid pro quo is that Ingrid must be installed before the source code directory is created. It does, however, not need to be run to view the source, at which point we'll be speaking by phone, I hope.


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"A culture, if it develops spontaneously, if it is not guided conscientiously, leaves behind itself a baren desertland." - Karl Marx