This page sumarizes my pre-Celtic research and should be directed to Elon Musk for him to synthesize into a pre-Sythian theory of the Hyksos. Use Crtl+A to supress the steganography.

Another researcher Michael Tsarion thinks a nuclear war between the ancients vented flood waters via an Outer Range like gravity hole. I'm thinking that, for a bigger flesh wound to the earth, the story would start half a world away, at the end of the ice age, in New Zealand. Or should I say that's where I picked up on such a story.

In 1969, Dad said to get into the IT world. And I did,  on the coat-tails of Carl Friden and his 1151 macro arithmetic printer, which I programmed and sold to the Bank of New Zealand for mortgage tables. I then moved to the
Canon 164P in which addition and subtraction operated virtually instantly. From the Canola museum, "99999999 x 99999999 completes in about 300 milliseconds". Its 1 kbits of delay line memory combined with a punch card reader made it the ideal machine with which to clean up sales to 90% of university and scientific establishments. The unwritten rule in 1971 was that the salesman's job was to create the program needed to make the sale. When I was made national programming supervisor that job fell to me, on top of my own quota. A couple of years later, I was the first HP field engineer selling my homework programs to the science community. Teaching professors to program was just part of my sales pitch. That background became useful when I adapted space-frame analysis to my 15 year MRP-II development called Global, which became a world famous commercial Wang 4GL system. As a side business with my managing director's contacts, I created a crystal ball called the Ingrid Thought Processor.

The British AI called Ingrid fell into my lap as a result of my bumping into Paul Felton in 1977. Paul was the corporate planning manager of Fletcher Holdings. I was sitting in my car at the lights of Queen and Victoria streets in Auckland. Paul was walking in front of my car when he recognized me as the guy visiting Wang who wrote the Global Operating System for the Wang 2200 MVP mini computer. Paul had written a strategic planning package that needed a database management system and I needed someone to look after my clients in New Zealand, while I was installing Global in Australia.

I found out what was on those 9 inch tapes that Paul had put on our boardroom shelf. It was the computer based psychological component of the MBE that he earned at Auckland University.

As a scientific programmer and first full time programmer/salesman for Hewlett Packard in Auckland, I thought I had seen it all. That was until I discovered the highly modified principal component analysis in the Ingrid program of Professor Patrick Slater. I fully envisioned its possibilities as a crystal ball.

I little while later, we formed Global-SPS to purchase Ingrid from Dr. Slater and I reversed engineered "The Code" from Fortran onto Wang Basic. The business finances seemed doomed to sabotage, but my own copyright in Ingrid has remained and was enhanced over the years as open source freeware.
I legally obtained and wrote my own copyright over Patrick Slater's Ingrid. Professor Slater was Charles Spearman's student and was compelled to make Ingrid non-assumptive and scalable, using his highly modified PCA algorithms.

I always felt that the wisdom of western civilization was distilled into "The Code"; - Slater being the protégé of the god of statistics, Charles Spearman, the father of Factor Analysis. How right I was.

Unfortunately my non-profit AI goals conflicted with my commercial goals and I was thrown off the wild horse. In retaliation, I shot the horse with a triggerless gun. The recoil took the wife, and the kid. The harmonics are still being felt today. The case of Google vs China being but one. My opinions should be not taken seriously in this thread, not because I want to blow my own trumpet but to inform the workings of today's Ingrid KarmaGun(tm), and its similarities to the Google core algorithm. I want to say more but I'd rather get back to my two dimensional programming world. I'm finishing Ingrid's new Sony Acid beater and am looking for a Reason 3.0 plugin.

I must say that the "Google vs China" story is right up there, along with Theism vs Atheism, and other such contradictions like Project Monarch, etc. So you see, this story-in-the-making can only make survival sense in a supercomputing grid where there are several ontological interactions. It must also tell a story that encompasses the beginings of all other so-called competing stories. Only by becoming the oldest story ever told, including the reasons why the other stories started as lies, can the Real Matrix exist. The one writing this type of story must trace his roots to the original survivors.

As a Guarani-Brit, I can, and tell such a story that includes the future determinations of medical marijuana and an undiluted group of Atlantean survivors who turned out to be my neighbors. The story is not so much programmed as it is disected and rebuilt as a cybernetic soul. For this story to be believed then all the characters depicted must be allowed to see it too. At such a junction a new form of world power is born with a new form of human expression.

Ingrid Beats Combing


My PC needs rebooting and I want you to see this draft, not yet proof read.
Click - "You're Outnumbered Ten to One"

A ten minute phone call to sister Liz got the message across, that I was finally fitting the last pieces of the jigsaw in place. Looked at another way, I could also be seeing the last cards falling from an unknown deck. The picture I am seeing is one of my own heritage; - of being Scots/English maybe with some hushed-up Paraguayan blood.

My brother and his daughters are albino which set Averill off onto her genealogy episode. Her book of many hundreds of pages curiously left for two decades, a gap in my mind of sixty years in the jungles of the Essequibo. On the other side of this line, I do know for sure that my mother was not like she said, descended from Sir David Wilkie, the painter, because he appears to have died childless and uncles don't count. Dad's brother, my own Uncle Johnny, an industrial chemist, like his father, died at 57 years of age, in a convulsive fit. I think somehow I inherited my chemical poisoning from leftovers of elder brothers, namely a bottle of CCL4, which I think accounts for my untreatable micro-hematuria.

Anecdotes, of these sorts, seem to be what the Paraguayans hang their hats on, and seeing as how the Parana runs to the Amazon from where the Rio Negro gets to the highlands of the Essequibo, it's not all that far fetched. But please try to understand that everything presented here is conjectured circumstantially, except for my life's evidence and a silver bullet in the form of 30 frames of 16mm film of Bill Clinton dressed in a Russian uniform shouting, "you're out numbered ten to one".

Other conversations that I was privy to led me on a search for the origins of the story-tellers. I mainly want to tell you how I now feel about a statement that Atlantis is everywhere. Statements like that don't offer any chance of closure on the subject and can only leave huge scars on the histories of those so touched.

However, that statement can be true if time is ruled out of the equation. I know how important Chronology is to history, but I want to introduce the idea of waves of similar stories. In other words the same civilization has existed in different places and different times but always when we are on the verge of extinction.  I want to introduce the idea to Elon Musk that it could have been cannibalsim that caused the trauma from wich the ego was born. 

The next time this happens Atlantis could well be near Blenheim, New Zealand, built as an underground climate-change survival city. I have seen the ideal spot on Google Earth. I may not be able to attach the Business Plan for Atlantis [2006], so I will explain.

Following on with the theory that Atlantis can be found everywhere, we need to examine a seeming fact that glaciation has been in different places at different times, suggesting pole shifts and the inevitable collapse of civilizations, due to changed currents.

I would like to add circumstantial evidence that the previous place where the mobius strip of the past has located Atlantis and Tobas survivors, was at Muriwai beach from the last time Atlantis sunk.

I have heaps of anthropological and geological evidence that point to a sinking of Atlantis every time the pole shifts.

Earth is a huge gyro but it can be flipped without total loss of life. The "Expanded Earth" theory shows that the breakup of Gonwanaland by the clean shot through the earth at Wilkes Land may not have killed it and may not have affected the radial positions of the other existing continents. Long before the "scientists" reported it, I saw the evidence of such a shot on Google Earth between Perth and Madagascar, where Lemuria used to be. On Earth's crust, three easily identified very unrift-like gouges can be seen taking off at nearly equilateral angles. One chunk of land, India, was cut off from the super continent and sent scuttling like a curling stone into Asia. The main chunk of land went to become Antarctica and it crashed into the tip of South America. Not where it ends now, but where it ended before the collision, which was half way further down towards the present pole. I think that the land bridge couldn't hold and broke into the Scotia Plate, which sank.

It can be clearly seen that the clean shot emerged as a vertical spray, a thousand kilometers wide, through the Kermadec trench north of New Zealand. Again not the Kermadec trench as it now lies twisted clockwise by 60 degrees, but more up and down the other way, like the scar on Bill Clinton's head might have looked when he was five. The Kermadec trench can be eye-balled by anyone looking at Google Earth to have been originally at right angles to the line back toward my hypothesized entry wound. Then there are the two parallel lines of ridge mounts that can be seen diagonally crossing the Pacific. I'm suggesting they used to be together but the earth expanded by that huge rectangle. The rest of the Hollow or Expanded Earth theory still holds; - vis-a-vis the other continents are radially attached to an expanding earth. Did gravity kill the dinosaurs?

I was likening the epic story of survival to the Chronicles Of Pern and specifically to the relationship between man and dolphin. I regressed such a relationship to a land based dolphin powered movable form of spiraling roller coaster. The vehicle is large enough to be made from a hydraulically pressurized water-filled coil spiraling through 1800 degrees joined end-to-end.

The dolphins are still breaking water at the top but are so fast that the whole unit is always front heavy with dolphins and rolls in that direction. My current plot problem is that a unit big enough for dolphins would be too big for the fourteen foot wide roads along the pacific coast of South America. Inaccurate roading suggests the Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, etc., were cargo cults, seeing as how they never invented the wheel. Penguins on the other hand would be ideal and might suit an Antarctic survival story better than dolphins. On the other hand, a friend of the family, a Scots/Hawaiian descendant of an 18th century widowed queen of Hawaii, gave me a room divider made of hanging plastic dolphins and different sized beads. It was in the plastic design of one of these larger beads that I saw the five squashed circles, and took that to be the design of the dolphin roller coaster.

My reason for bringing this to Slashdot's attention is to focus on the relative brain power of penguins versus dolphins and which was more likely to be able to get humanity to mine the gold for their diets. I'm also hoping to interest Linux programmers in a rewrite of Ingrid.

It was the first Christmas after coming to NZ back in nineteen sixty one when I saw the reflection from the little blue penguin's eyes far up at the end of the cave, at Muriwai Beach near the blow hole. I was thirteen and had just arrived from Canada to live in this part of the South Pacific. I was reaching the end of a thirteen thousand year journey through a long mobius line of DNA, though I didn't know it at the time. Nor did I when I recognized Clinton at the moment of the 1999 total eclipse. But that's when our world's collided.

            * * * *

It was in 2006 that I became interested in the use of finite element analysis, which is what Ingrid produces. As you can see from the dolphin walker it was on the cards that I would stumble upon a magnetic equivalent of the same thing. In my original design it was a flexible guitar string powered by moveable vertex motors. But they weren't nearly flexible enough.

A slight variation has allowed me to construct a thought experiment to replace the dolphin walker by using a spinning hamiltonian made out of a huge stack of the new mumetal New Zealand coins. This stack is held together with strong magnetic blocks which allows the coins to bend around a vertex. A pully arrangement links the vertex to the center of gravity. Between vertexes strong forces keep the rod of coins stiff and straight. Because the single rod of coins are connected in a cyclic hamiltonian graph, like the crawler in the globe spanning image below, an angular momentum can be introduced at a single vertex which will induce the following and subsequent vertexes to take up their new programmed positions. Presto, no dolphins needed, but I'd like to think that all three species were involved. It could for example make sense that the penguin tribe that stayed behind on Antarctica may have owed its survival training to knowledge gained from a prior brush with human civilization.

Joining Clinton's Russian uniform scandal to my 13000 year Atlantis story required that Loyola’s secretary, Polanco, conspired to found the Jesuits. This was about the same time that others of his Hyksos ilk leaked the oriental Toba knowledge of the survivors of their South American forebears, the Tobas. I can visualize a side-script for Robert De Niro's boss, in "The Mission", hatching an earlier plan to find and eliminate even the last little remnant that might remain of that "Vanished Arcadia".

                        * * * *

Onto my highly optimized 1000 lines of Ingrid's linear programming I have added another 130,000 lines of VB6 integration. As it is the program can handle a high profile challenge as the analytic weapon of choice in a historic intellectual confrontation between myself and Bill Clinton. Thus meetings in Auckland in late February may coincide with the Global Business Forum. All this regards the historical consequences of me recognizing Clinton in a compromising situation.

Compromised as a possible secret man of history, Clinton must now come clean on how the Chinese handover was accomplished. As challenger, I stipulate that the human expressions involved will be mapped and resolved by my Ingrid software using super-computers, if need be.

Ingrid picked up on this re-population story when it digested some strange stories from the Sex fLaws website. The survival story of a secret society from a doomed civilization emerged.

PS. Ted, I will be sending this as a finished story to Slashdot, the BBC Worldnewsplan and the BBC UKnewsplan

Is This The Real Matrix? 

To see for real, why not drag your Browser's URL icon for this page into a free Ingrid PasteAll button: - download here.

Ingrid uncovers prehistoric institutional lies and takes you, the only way possible, in a long roundabout way across the world via a series of bizarre "Strange Stories". 1 Tongue, 2 Indonesia, 3 Guam, 4 Antics, 5 Monarch, 6 Turtles, 7 Starfish, 8 Dolphin_Sex, 9 Bahrain, 10 Arabia, 11 HongKong, 12 Lebanon, 13 Maryland, 14 England, 15 Head_banging, 16 Columbia, 17 Bolivia.

In exact punctuation, as taken from the Sex fLaws website , the subject sentences are shown here in quotes and further down they are shown in italics; - arranged in the same order as in the Cartesian map shown above.

The three Strange Stories most similar are "In Lebanon, men are legally allowed to have sex with animals, but the -animals must be female. Having sexual relations with a male animal is -punishable by death. (Like THAT makes sense.) " and "In Hong Kong, a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her adulterous -husband, but may only do so with her bare hands. The husband's lover, on the other hand, may be killed in any -manner desired. (Ah! Justice!) " and "Muslims are banned from looking at the genitals of a corpse. This also -applies to undertakers; the sex organs of the deceased must be covered with a brick or piece of wood at all -times. (A brick??) "

The two Strange Stories most dissimilar are "The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue... -(Hummm....I won't touch THAT one!) " and "In Cali, Colombia, a woman may only have sex with her husband, and the First time this happens, her mother -must be in the room to witness the act. (Makes one shudder at the thought.) "

The next two most dissimilar are "Topless saleswomen are legal in Liverpool, England - but only in -tropical fish stores. (But of course!) " and "And, the best for last.....Turtles can breathe through their butts. - ".


Some personal speculation of mine re-jigging localized continental drift that started when I became psychic as to the history of a local placenta and foreskin cult. The approximate cause of my becoming psychic could also have to do with both the enormity of the secret held by the small number of people making up this tribe and their location in relation to me. That saying, "you cannot become one of them unless your placenta is buried along with theirs", was told to me by the guy I called "Muriwai Dundee". He only told me because he wanted my daughter to have his children. Instead they seem to have put curb feelers out for their wickerman.

In Bahrain, a male doctor may legally examine a woman's genitals, but is prohibited from looking directly at them -during the examination. He may only see their reflection in a mirror. -(Do they look different reversed?) .


Bear with me on this while I speculate that they would have to be carrying a history changing secret. I could not find proof that the Drake Passage did not close during the last climate change. If it did happen, that the existing shallow ridge silted up with a sediment barrier due to an earth rotation anomaly flinging a broken ice shelf into the gap, then the currents of the southern oceans would warm parts of the Antarctic coast line, making it similar to Greenland, to the extent that when the Scotia Plate fractured away from the Pacific plate, it and a micro continent called Atlantis could have sunk, causing another opening of the Drake Passage along the Shackleton Fracture. Then the deep scouring of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current would have removed all traces of a second opening.

Topless saleswomen are legal in Liverpool, England - but only in -tropical fish stores. (But of course!) .

Finding what to write here got me wondering about the role of humans harnessing dolphins into land-based hydraulic wheel-less vehicles for the 14,000 miles of unusually high curbed and channeled precision made flat stoned roads along the pacific coast of South America. I thought hard about what such a vehicle would look like and went to google "Inca" "Dolphins". Have a look at the photo right down the bottom of this link about Inca and Intihuatana.
Mysterious Origins Of Man - Forbidden Archeology - Charlton Heston 1996

I could have sworn that was what I visualized a dolphin harnessed chariot to look like. Maybe it's not just a sundial when looked at a certain way. Harnessed dolphins, gutter-talking to their Guaraní riders, pressed to exert hydraulics against the side of a rolling bladder of some kind, is another way of looking at it.


It was to Muriwai Beach then, that a local descendant of a famous family, who made machine guns and ran shipping lines, and who Freijo The Assassin recounted to be a family tied up for a long time with British intelligence, told me that this tribe had always been living in their Muriwai valley, deliberately keeping it as a village.

In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, it is illegal for a man to have sex with a woman -and her daughter at the same time. (I presume this was a big enough -problem that they had to pass this law?) .

To guess where they came from or whether there is anything in this, it is safe to say that their true origins would have to be concealed, although known about at the highest levels.

I am reading A VANISHED ARCADIA, "Being Some Account of the Jesuits in Paraguay", 1607 to 1767 By R. B. Cunninghame Graham 1901. To squash the fragments of american mythology from disclosing our beginnings, I am amazed now to think that these early CIA Reductions may have been a quasi renditioning for their secret 400 year lease granted earlier by the Chinese. Otherwise some overly bright half-caste people might come to believe that the world was once repopulated by Hobbits. Can't have that.

 Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour. -(Who volunteers for this stuff?) .

All the geological reports I downloaded say the Drake Passage opened 25+ million years ago but a few speculated about how it could close again for a short time. After all we know the Panama silted up and closed that ocean passage. Furthermore, notwithstanding the fact that lying oil companies like Shell Oil produced these reports, we all know how reliable their reserve estimates turned out to be. Maybe this could make a good conspiracy. I think the British don't want this known which is maybe why they muscled in there in the first place hundreds of years ago. Maybe that is why Hitler was there too.


On Google Earth I saw the name Thule at the bottom of the South Sandwich Islands. I remembered that Hitler was in the Thule Society. I also speculate that what they, the British, did was to give names to all the Antarctic places to dupe the same names from their end of the world. Did they hope this would lead people away from bibliomantic investigation? They even have internet pages saying Atlantis is in Scotland surrounded by the same constellation of names as they used around Antarctica.


This is a tool, at least as good as anything the NWO have, that makes me as unique as Stephen Hawking and able to sort all this out.

And, the best for last.....Turtles can breathe through their butts. - .

Did forebears of this group of people known by the Waitaha land on the North Island and remain population-wise as a small village since they got here? The pre-history of New Zealand's Urukehu Starwalkers can support the theory of a pre-Celtic race evacuating north from the Ross Peninsular after arriving from Chile via a second Antarctic land bridge which was destroyed after the last ice age. My theory is that their civilizing effectively saved the human species by ensuring their repopulating strategy was controlled by a secret society. This specifically left no environmental scrap of evidence to be uncovered beneath later waves of rat infested reverse migration.

 Starfish don't have brains. (I know some people like that too) .

Byzantine paths to this conclusion started when I was investigating why a violent criminal was recently released by the NZ parole board after only six months. I went to school with boys from a family called Hunt with 13 kids who lived across from where I now live, in the city. Though their house is gone, being replaced by the National Library, I was somewhat curious because the parolee is named Gregory William Hunt and I am lately experiencing an inordinate amount of time replacing lateral displacements (coincidences). Hunt is the sous-chef (Wumpus) who stabbed a Blenheim taxi driver named Mr. Williamson. He stabbed seventeen times with a carving fork and a piece of the fork is still in the driver's head. The scars were still fresh when Hunt got out. Hunt at first threatened to kill a woman driver from Williamson's firm and then assaulted another during the attack. He was only caught because a large group of drivers walked around the corner as the attack took place. When I saw this, I turned to the internet and my search quickly turned up a link between early American whalers who married into native families on the Chatham Islands east of New Zealand. These Urukehu were a distinctive tribe of Morioris, tall slim fair and wavy-haired Moa hunters. The name Hunt Petroleum is strongly associated with them and the web photo of the great granddaddy HL Hunt bears a strong family resemblance to Hunt the Wumpus whose face appeared on TV for a few seconds. When you see the family nose you will know what I mean but you would need resources for accessing TVNZ video archives to confirm this.


The Maoris came back here because they knew what they were going to find. They were from the first people who knew how to encode DNA into ant-like Brownian patterns to carry the secrets of Atlantis eventually returning them in the steel ships of the Mk-Ultra mind controlled slaves of Project Monarch. The final act in their play is the group suicide of the elites as they leave the rest of us to the fate of Peak Oil. But there is always he, "who screams and wants that one should value his services... It is a sight at which one can die ... but of laughter."

The most highly positively related Constructs are "Young_Civilization" and "Ground Zero". This means that the Strange Stories that score high on "Young_Civilization" also score high on "Ground Zero" & vice versa. The opposite condition applies to "Ground Zero" and "Stages of a Civilization from one to five".

In 1968 Hunt Petroleum reputedly found and hushed up huge oil deposits on the Great South Basin south of New Zealand. We now have Magellan, another Rockefeller company, saying they've snagged a measly half billion barrels or so down there but their fringe leases are not the originals; the records of which aren't visible. This gave cause to create the NZ version of the Gemstone files known as the Opal File, which Google links say summarizes a twenty year secret history of the CIA / Mafia / Government / Roundtable connections. So I have to ask, "When the Hunt patriarch went bankrupt, after failing to corner the silver market, the hotel chains belonging to his Myers in-laws were they asset stripped, leaving much value remaining in NZ hands?"

The one family member that caught my attention was named after 'South Towne" and his biograph on his website confirms his status as a top person in this group. The first link died and now has to be deep linked

shows on his site is an off-off-internet low bandwidth video. It is a must-see flaunting of their end play. After watching it boringly replay for an hour to completion you will be struck by the analogy to the last stage of an epic journey that this group has undertaken with respect to the transformation of the world's health systems starting with the NHS founding in 1948. This date is critical because it exposed the challenges of the final NHS transformation stage, that they liken to the razor sharp ridge along Hillary's last stage ascent of Everest. I believe these analogies relate to the absolute secrecy of their motives, as expressed in the disclosure by assassinated author William Cooper when he published their training manual known as "Silent Weapons".

Humans and dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure. -(Is that why Flipper was always smiling?) .

Is "Hunt the Wumpus" a protection racket for the mob and furthermore is he an assassin for this secret society? I have reason to fear that this self fulfilling mantic pronouncement is why he is now on the outside. For example, within a month of Hunt getting home detention, did a couple of local Motueka dealers, flush with end of harvest cash, that they invested back into their "carpet" business, get called out early one morning by the local fire brigade as the remains of their warehouse reached ground level? But back at the end of the ice age, were Hunt's forebears pondering the best use that could result from cannibalism? I believe they practiced it because the flooding which destroyed the Antarctic land bridge and sunk Atlantis. The resulting wave thereby stripping NZ of sustainable animal protein, left little food for the stranded survivors. This is the central core of my thesis which now, by way of analogy, links to The Chronicles of Pern. It explains how that culture would have behaved if their survivors weren't on a fictional planet in the Rukbat system. Instead I am talking about the Atlantis on Old Earth and suggest survivors in longitudinally challenged sailboats, probably trying to get back to South America, had actually landed at Muriwai Beach on the west coast of the North Island. Even now I find it hard to believe that just a half hour down the freeway from Auckland lives an isolated case of the Norfolk Island Syndrome. Because of the ground water that seeped constantly across our backyard and which traced to a point high up the cliff face, possibly where we lived then was right under its original cave entrances out on the wild west coast at Muriwai Beach. Check out my maps and story at and click on the map reference and zoom out to Muriwai Beach.


I speculate that inlaid laws governing planet repopulation had to serve different purposes in different places or points on the curve and that my study is the first to sort them out. The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue... -(Hummm....I won't touch THAT one!) .

To avoid being eaten, their offspring, those Hobbits, the magical, fair-skinned Turehu people and other companions, could easily drift voyage north from Middle Earth on favorable winds and fan out across the Pacific.

The penalty for masturbation in Indonesia is decapitation. -(Much worse than "going blind!") .

Initial kinks on the spiral, such as the no-immigration "Pacific Island" laws made for population control, to avoid the many inevitable Easter Island catastrophes, should give way to those that spur herd like reproduction through the Malay islands, such as losing a hand for masturbation. In those places and on to Asia Minor, I'm suggesting the opposite, that this ancient law churned out many offspring by Amazon (Berber?) warrior women who, by disavowing masturbation in favor of full speed reproduction, ensured their male stallions couldn't shirk double duty in the harem. It turns out that the more women you have then the more women you get, but the real brakes on reproduction came much later as we saw in the last century. After moving west through India, the young civilization applied the brakes towards monogamy and the present one child laws of China. These ancient laws I liken to a fossil record of human behavior. Incidentally, I hadn't consulted my Bizarre Trivia Link for a while and I was wrong a few sentences back. The fact list shows it wasn't losing a hand. It was decapitation. Below in the source of this page is a data-island of my input.


: Yea.. so nice to know.... but how much reality is in this thought: 0%

Then again, consider why those British surrendered twice by treaty. Once to the Maoris in New Zealand and once when their 1806 invasion of Argentina was routed. Over there they also had to include in their mediation the Tobas; a tribe maybe with DNA very very much like the Maori. The lowly Freemasons who went on to dissemble these treaties probably never knew the full story, as per usual.

By the way, did you hear that in NZ they are calling Bill Clinton a liar when he wrote that his wife was named after Sir Edmund Hillary? That would be seven years before he climbed Everest. However if my story of our origins is true then it would make sense because Hillary, the beekeeper, could easily have been one of THEM (from Atlantis) and was already hand picked to go into history.

It is a well known fact that NZ was by definition the last great land mass discovered by western civilization. Ipso Facto, forgotten now though, in the mists of Masonic contradictions, is that maybe NZ was also the first good land mass found by a people like those from Pern but on Earth known as the Ross Peninsular. Ditto: except that this secret is still being maintained and I witnessed over a period of a month after the solar eclipse of 1999 many preparations surrounding the APEC meeting for a rumored visit to Muriwai Beach by none other than the famous non-inhaling descendant of the Lattas, those 18th century cannabis growers and latter day bootleggers to the Dixie Mafia. Not just to confuse matters, I'm linking to the episode that started then at 11:11pm on 11 August, 1999 when I stopped Ingrid spinning in the Video Van and went back into the solar eclipse party. Inside, a self-styled Atlantean Egyptologist was replaying the old poison gas movie, "No To Silent Death". Passing by, I saw two seconds of the same, Bill Clinton, dressed in Russian uniform and yelling, "You're outnumbered ten to one". What is really interesting is that the only communication to acknowledge my find is from Clinton's new Presidential Library which neither confirms nor denies nor gives me permission to use evidence from the film.


I don't even believe this happened and it is the least likely explanation of how they got here, other than those who think that ubermensch slaves came from the underground basalt layer. In which case, they could pop up any place where adjoining plate trenches of the Earth rise above water. Yet if you read on you'll see my evidence to show the world was "repopulated" quickly at some point. An exact reverse spiral of accepted migration. "They had the boys circumcised because they found out that a man would get aroused quicker, without the foreskin than he would with the foreskin." - Maxwell : Matrix Of Power p.50


The roadway where some of them live curves in a large S shape rising from Muriwai Beach and winding up a cliff face. You can see a picture of this on my web site. My brain became a differential engine induced by the patterns of sounds concerning their residences surrounding me. You see, I lived at the bottom of the S shaped dead-end road. They saw me as their remote-viewing troll. Which is what I became when I stumbled onto their price fixing property scams. Trading amongst themselves, their agents are able to set rather high prices when enticing newcomers to these areas. Then after an unfortunate winter, with a few land slips thrown in, they are able to show reduced sales values as the poor unfortunates are threatened out of the area. Alongside this scenario up and down the entire country, working with the land office, the growers of the ancient strains of drug come to find the name of he who owns the land, with a nice north east aspect where they want to grow. The next thing that happens is that the owner is burnt out. Just don't blame me for this information. Blame The Next Page


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