I'm looking somewhere in my "early chapters" for a reference to me working night shift at the Oasis Coca Cola plant with links to the high masonic relationship of my first spouse. Anyway I feel the MKUltra CIA continued to work on me there at the age of 18. The Coca Cola position was engineered by my own cold-war capitalist father, when I came back penniless from nine months working holiday, from the east to the west of Canada in the summer of 1967. I don't mean that part about Dad in a bad math sense; - just that he didn't know what I know. He thought what he knew was okay. At the time, I'd have to agree with him. 

But not any longer. My position at Hewlett Packard, as the first full time Auckland calculator salesman cum field engineer, taught me to recognize Ingrid. After I saw it, I knew how it could reform our civilization, as an atheist. I didn't know then that this was Quantum Information Science and Tensor stuff, but there you go.

To quote from the net, I feel a little like the Flemish mathematician Simon Stevin must have felt when he was trying to help popularize decimal fractions in Europe. Stevin also introduced Italian double-entry bookkeeping into European military supply systems. After all, as the Jesuit priest Matteo Ricci wrote, "the good general has to estimate the availability of food supplies for his troops and his horses, and calculate all the elements on his line of march."

Now I say, "why not sell the whole world quantum bookkeeping and new economy, to boot."

Unfortunately I was tactically destroyed before I had a chance to become a threat to the existing order. I have memories of the Russian woodpecker in my brain and the psychological warfare against me was, I now believe, perpetrated by my older wife, whose uncle was a Grand Masonic Wizard.

It went something like this. She lets me drive the small Fiat 850 coupe around town back and forth to my place and to and from her hairdressing salons, full of towels. At the right time after she persuaded me to marry her, I was being pressured into putting new tires onto the car, or I don't get married. I don't think any victim, blacked out on MKUltra tunnel vision, wandering the streets penniless trying to steal tires, knows he is in a mind control program. Forgetting all about returning the tires I swapped on another Fiat, a couple of streets away, I got caught and put on periodic detention cutting gorse every second Saturday; - six times following the wedding. No one of my tender years could understand such mind control proscription. Nor the effects of being suspended and expelled and failed university entrance by the entrapment plans of the queer teachers at St Peters. The expulsion was quashed because I could show that principle Paddy Ryan II was hit accidentally on the jaw sending him backwards down the tar embankment, only because I was defending the line of small kids who he was trying to force to drink sour milk. After six months of reinstatement into a second university attempt, I chucked the system, along with my busted motorcycle, taking my mathematics honors and fled to that working holiday in Canada.

Recognizing the mind control for what it is allows such words to flow into one's realism like those in the preceding paragraph. Do stigmas need to be written into a neural network in order to be overcome? I know you don't want to hear this but I have just erased the last shred of masonic hold over my life. I am an innocent man and at 57 have just lost 40 years of trepidation over my fears of being in thrawl of the powers that be, and stopped from making my home run.

Strategically, my home run has nothing to do with the Clinton spy scandal, that I'm currently maneuvering in but it has everything to do with it in a tactical sense. My home run is survival in a mind uploading quest. All systems are go.

What I chat about to friends aims to suggest an urgent reformation to give us all the best environment in which to survive the arrival of nanotechnology, and all. What follows is my hour and a half 12/23/2005 spell-checked chat with Tena. Tena would love to say hi to all.

Jimekus ( 11:51:59 AM): hi
Jimekus ( 52:04 ): hi
tenaeile ( 52:29 ): hello there~
tenaeile ( 52:44 ): how are you today?
Jimekus ( 53:13 ): trepid
Jimekus ( 54:29 ): I'm waiting for the police to respond
tenaeile ( 55:36 ): why are they coming?
Jimekus ( 55:42 ): due to threats re my Clinton protest - and yesterday the S.I.S. called
tenaeile ( 56:15 ): will they arrest you?
Jimekus ( 58:46 ): No - they are to protect me. but what was quite a coincidence was to hear from my old place. At the time between the first phone call to the S.I.S. and their reply there was a huge wind that blew down on Cheap Hotel; - you know, where I used to live. First one window blew out and maybe landed on the police cars next door (remember?) then a while later another window blew out
tenaeile ( 59:23 ): maybe they had not updated their address book....
Jimekus ( 00:25 PM): that's what I thought - Haarp, or a good luck omen that they can be beaten
Jimekus ( 01:25 ): how are you?
Jimekus ( 02:49 ): what happened?
tenaeile ( 02:52 ): what happened? my comp froze
tenaeile ( 03:03 ): I had to restart it
tenaeile ( 03:26 ): I did not get any of the other conversation copied before it froze.
Jimekus ( 03:38 ): I do believe that my communications are being cut off in order to create communications breakdowns
tenaeile ( 03:59 ): maybe my comp was just overloaded after all
Jimekus ( 04:12 ): tenaeile: maybe they had not updated their address book.... Jimekus: that's what I thought - or a good luck omen that they can be beaten
tenaeile ( 04:35 ): they are merely humans, with all our foibles.
Jimekus ( 05:03 ): it happens a lot - even talking on the phone - the line just goes dead
Jimekus ( 05:24 ): how are you?
tenaeile ( 06:45 ): I'm okay, at least I woke up today, a lot of people didn't!
Jimekus ( 06:55 ): btw, I had proof that someone was intercepting your email - but I was unable to communicate with you about it
tenaeile ( 07:26 ): they probably just want you to know how much they control every aspect of our lives all the time.
tenaeile ( 07:54 ): when was this that they were intercepting my emails?
tenaeile ( 08:17 ): and whatever for? I  a harmless little old lady
Jimekus ( 08:24 ): but it isn't a "they" it is just a universe that reacts (like the wind)
Jimekus ( 09:02 ): you are not harmless
tenaeile ( 09:29 ): how do you figure that I present any kind of threat to them or indeed, to anyone at all?
Jimekus ( 10:22 ): it has been about a month since I saw your email being opened at around 4:30 in the morning, your time - have you ever read email at that hour in the last month?
tenaeile ( 11:12 ): sometimes I get up really early here and check headlines..so it could have been me, actually. I have odd hours sometimes.
Jimekus ( 11:21 ): you are my delilah
tenaeile ( 11:39 ): I notice that a lot of sp comes in all the time here though.
Jimekus ( 11:51 ): but I followed up to check if it was you and got no response
tenaeile ( 12:13 ): I don't look at pornography sites which is where most cookies come from IMHO
Jimekus ( 12:47 ): anyway - good to chat with you - that's the only sure form - but even that gets blocked as you know
tenaeile ( 12:56 ): I may have turned off the comp and tried to go back to sleep. Maybe that is why you got no response.
tenaeile ( 13:32 ): If I can ever help you I will do my best to do so. Hope you send the boat for me soon. HAHAHA!
Jimekus ( 14:10 ): ok - now I  making a formal complaint to the Press Council and will make a private criminal prosecution against the newspaper.

Dear Press Council,

It was only my initial suggestion that voluntary publication would have
been the simplest remedy to make good the breach of promise made to me
by Bernard Orsman, which was that he protect his source. The fact is, he
didn't and I fell into a nightmare, feeling like Winston Smith who, as
you'll remember, was made to believe that two plus two equals five.

On my website http://ingridx.dynu.net is irrefutable forensic evidence
of a twenty-something Bill Clinton, dressed in a Russian uniform
shouting, "you're outnumbered ten to one", in the Soviet propaganda-era
documentary, "No To Silent Death". For the NZ Herald to dismiss this
evidence is a blatant attempt to deceive the public. This is becoming a
major issue.

As far as I'm concerned the democracy dies when the media lies. It makes
no difference that fear seems to be the motive for the silence. It also
makes no difference that everyone else is scared too. On the sidelines
are the many thousands of people who have also seen this evidence and
continue daily to be insulted by the outright deceptions of the mass media.

Unless the Press Council can offer any other way of diplomatically
resolving this, I will prepare to lay an eleventh-hour information with
the Auckland District Court in a private prosecution for something akin
to criminal negligence. I have also rung the NZ Security Intelligence
Service and am awaiting to discuss their suggestions on how to resolve

Yours sincerely,

Jim Legg

Mary Major wrote:

>Dear Mr Legg,
>Information on the Press Council is available at
>The complaints process cannot be used to force an editor to publish
>material.  What material is published is at the discretion of the editor.
>Yours sincerely,
>Mary Major
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "j.Maxwell Legg" <income@ihug.co.nz>
>To: <presscouncil@asa.co.nz>
>Sent: Wednesday, 21 December 2005 16:27
>Subject: complaint

>>Dear Press Council,
>>Some time ago I accidentally discovered evidence of a crime by a major
>>international figure. I reported it to Bernard Orsman of the NZ Herald
>>on condition that I be protected. He brought a team to look at the
>>evidence and left saying it was hard to say and that we don't publish
>>that sort of thing anyway. I was then set upon by people who made my
>>life a living hell. I was attacked and beaten by various other black
>>operations types. I was told by this group that my cat was boiled alive
>>in order to curse my soul. Not only did I suffer major mental injury but
>>I was left in fear for my life. Later on, from many other people and
>>organizations I was left stymied every time I tried to get independent
>>verification of this evidence.
>>In recent months, due to the maturation of the Internet, my evidence can
>>now be seen as being irrefutable by anyone who cares to examine it.
>>Neither the Herald nor its reporter has responded to my emails on the
>>subject, then or now.
>>The major international figure is due to speak in Auckland on February
>>24th and I have made a protest application with Susan Helps of the
>>Auckland City Council who in turn has forwarded my protest information
>>to Inspector Derek Davison of the Auckland Police. That was more than
>>three weeks ago and as of writing this I am unable to get either one of
>>them to return my calls. Consequently, after talking to a registrar at
>>the Auckland District Court, I am considering bringing a private
>>criminal prosecution against Bernard Orsman and the Editor of the NZ
>>Herald, using an information laid under Section 145 of the NZ Crimes Act
>>However, I am writing to you to discover if your complaints process can
>>also be used to force an earlier publication of this suppressed evidence.
>>Yours sincerely,
>>Jim Legg

Jimekus ( 14:24 ): formal
Jimekus ( 15:01 ): if the case goes ahead then I will serve papers on Clinton when he arrives
tenaeile ( 17:19 ): Clinton is coming there? When?
Jimekus ( 17:25 ): I only discovered two days ago that a citizen can prosecute a crime - unlike in the USA
Jimekus ( 17:37 ): he is coming on February 24th
tenaeile ( 17:53 ): Jim, they are all just figureheads for the CFR which is a division of the RIIA you know.
Jimekus ( 18:33 ): my complaint is against the mass media - I'm running a protest in the streets
Jimekus ( 19:08 ): Media Lies - Democracy Dies
Jimekus ( 19:24 ): do you like my slogan?
tenaeile ( 19:26 ): the mass media is complicit in all the wrongdoing
Jimekus ( 19:41 ): don't I know it
tenaeile ( 19:52 ): democracy is no good anyway. It is a mild form of socialism
Jimekus ( 20:15 ): ok - trust dies
Jimekus ( 20:43 ): and trust is life so we're all screwed
tenaeile ( 21:17 ): a good slogan.
tenaeile ( 21:42 ): most people here in fascist erika are asleep anyway.
Jimekus ( 21:43 ): which?
Jimekus ( 22:01 ): asheep asleep
tenaeile ( 22:15 ): Media lies-trust dies
Jimekus ( 22:29 ): better - thanks
tenaeile ( 22:36 ): but Jim, trust is worthless as is hope.
Jimekus ( 23:04 ): but progrmers rule
tenaeile ( 23:16 ): all the lies and crookedness..something has to give.
Jimekus ( 23:29 ): as long as they're alive
tenaeile ( 23:37 ): progrmers may rule but they have to have their heads in order too.
Jimekus ( 23:52 ): and a plan
tenaeile ( 25:58 ): I have often thought about what I would change if I could..it is complex, you know.
Jimekus ( 26:40 ): my plan is to settle out of court and to be able to talk to the Global Business Forum
tenaeile ( 26:57 ): it would not do to just legislate a change..it takes time. But FIRST, I would take all the money and gold away from the rich people and close all the dn banks who are public enemy number one!
Jimekus ( 27:17 ): I will propose a global neural network to replace money
tenaeile ( 27:47 ): in order to get all their money and thus their power away from them, the corporations would have to be destroyed and the richest people jailed forever.
Jimekus ( 28:45 ): I have spoken to my old boss at Hewlett Packard ( Carli Fioriona - will be speaking and so will Ed Eisner ex Disney)
tenaeile ( 29:04 ): they are trying to legislate morality and it will not work since they have none.
Jimekus ( 30:03 ): I want to amalgamate government and the economy into one form of global brain driven by the people
tenaeile ( 30:25 ): Now, please tell me why you think that I'm not harmless?
Jimekus ( 30:50 ): and not for any noble cause either - I want it in order to survive
tenaeile ( 31:08 ): Jim, you forget that most people do not have any idea what they want as long as they have their beer and football ges on tv.
Jimekus ( 33:51 ): sorry - 2 phone calls
tenaeile ( 33:56 ): AND, who would keep score anyway after you merge gov't and the economy
Jimekus ( 34:52 ): something like Ingrid - the form would be called "quantum bookkeeping"
Jimekus ( 35:41 ): I'm  working with a quantum physicist in Germany on this very idea
tenaeile ( 35:46 ): sounds okay as long as they are not bribable..
tenaeile ( 36:15 ): but actually, we have fascism already, gov't owned by business
tenaeile ( 37:25 ): and all they do is bribe each other! too funny!
Jimekus ( 37:58 ): every element of every transaction is linked by an angular vector - new elements can be easily added - sp elements are automatically punned by the mathematics - I meant to say that with quantum bookkeeping there is no more government of fascism
tenaeile ( 38:30 ): would it then be only corporate rule?
Jimekus ( 39:01 ): you are not harmless because you are more complex than all you survey
Jimekus ( 39:49 ): oh and no more corporations either - everything becomes UN-incorporated
tenaeile ( 40:15 ): I suppose technically each of us are, more complex than that which we can survey..
Jimekus ( 40:29 ): exactly right on
tenaeile ( 40:38 ): I  FOR UNINCORPORATED! Count me in!
tenaeile ( 41:16 ): KILL THE CORPORATIONS!! Right now!
Jimekus ( 41:41 ): I searched for "quantum bookkeeping" and found the physicist - a mining engineer actually named Gunter
tenaeile ( 42:19 ): Jim, watch out for them engineers. They take a special oath to something freaky..
tenaeile ( 42:52 ): I read a whole thing about that..somewhere. I lost it.
Jimekus ( 43:09 ): he writes, "I tried to understand your references to Ingrid, the Code and Spearman and make a coherent sense of the second half of your last mail. It seems I lack some background information, but it sounds very intriguing to view the whole globe as a neural network. Do you want to write about your ideas more explicitly? I  honestly quite interested. Best regards from Aachen, "
Jimekus ( 44:04 ): the freaky thing is that you can give an engineer $2 and he will always solve the problem
tenaeile ( 44:40 ): Well, maybe because we don't utilize all our brains (so they say) it might make the neural network a good thing..integrated, but for what purpose?
tenaeile ( 45:23 ): what would that neural network then attempt to achieve? Star travel? You know the elites won't let us go.
Jimekus ( 45:48 ): Run the economy and move goods - did I tell you that I was HP's first field engineer in Auckland?
tenaeile ( 47:05 ): no, you hadn't told me that. GOODIE! for you.
Jimekus ( 47:11 ): money = secrets
tenaeile ( 47:31 ): yes, I agree with that equation!
Jimekus ( 47:43 ): working for HP taught me to recognize Ingrid when I saw it
tenaeile ( 48:35 ): I  glad for you, Jim. Please don't forget me when the SHTF, I will be wanting out of erika before the pogrom starts, preferably.
Jimekus ( 48:58 ): I will. Did you know that Volvo trucks are totally manufactured by neural networks?
tenaeile ( 49:15 ): no, how does it work?
tenaeile ( 49:24 ): they respond to thought?
Jimekus ( 49:34 ): not only manufactured but designed and improved as well
tenaeile ( 50:03 ): they use no gasoline?
Jimekus ( 51:30 ): once they leave the factory the are still just a truck but with NN support systems
Jimekus ( 52:35 ): I'm typing with only my left hand - so please excuse
Jimekus ( 52:51 ): and I'm not left handed
tenaeile ( 53:14 ): you are doing okay with your left hand!
tenaeile ( 55:28 ): how do they progr the NN in the truck? What kind of hardware do they use?
Jimekus ( 55:31 ): http://www.cnn.com/TECH/science/9802/26/t_t/artificial.intelligence/
Jimekus ( 57:24 ): what did you think of that?
tenaeile ( 58:05 ): looks very interesting. There is a lot of AI stuff out there.
Jimekus ( 58:52 ): To quote from the net, I feel a little like the Flemish mathematician Simon Stevin must have felt when he was trying to help popularize decimal fractions in Europe. Stevin also introduced Italian double-entry bookkeeping into European military supply systems. After all, as the Jesuit priest Matteo Ricci wrote, "the good general has to estimate the availability of food supplies for his troops and his horses, and calculate all the elements on his line of march."
tenaeile ( 59:55 ): yes, all this complexity is giving me a nose ache!
tenaeile ( 1:00:02 ): HAHAHA!
Jimekus ( 1:00:08 ): I have the ne and number of Clinton's tour manager to serve papers on
tenaeile ( 1:00:50 ): why are you bothering? He was only a figurehead anyway, Jim.
Jimekus ( 1:01:38 ): I want Clinton to introduce me to his masters
tenaeile ( 1:02:14 ): why don't you ask him for that? It is probably the bilderberger group..queen Beatriz, etc.
Jimekus ( 1:02:47 ): I don't need to know them just get the intro - I can do the rest
tenaeile ( 1:03:05 ): don't forget the druids at the City of London financial center.
tenaeile ( 1:03:22 ): them and their secret rituals
Jimekus ( 1:03:51 ): ok - what did you think of the Asuncion angle?

Tena, please forward my response to Rayelan. The RMN will not send an
automated reply in response to her post. Jim


"cousins"... i.e. the Native Americans from ALL of the Americas

Rayelan, I've been researching this post of yours and found something
interesting in Paraguay.

As you know, Asuncion was the city founded by Cabot followed by the Jesuits who went
looking for the "little remnant that might remain" of the native
"cousins". Maybe this was why they so easily converted them.

What is REALLY interesting is what I found on Google Earth when looking
at Asuncion. The city is shaped like a spear head or a large circle.
From high above, the city's streets are designed to show a huge capital
letter filling the circle like the international symbol for anarchy.
Anarchy was the form of relationship practiced by the natives before
Europeans arrived.

What is REALLY REALLY interesting is that on Google Earth for all those
places on earth where high definition is available, it is always
represented by a very distinct north/south rectangle, except for
Asuncion. The high resolution imaging over that city is represented by a
shape that looks like an arrowhead. But the arrowhead aligns with the
large visible capital letter transecting the city and both point in a
most mysterious direction, straight along the shortest land route to a
point on the other side of the world, namely the capital of China.

If there ever was a god then what happened to that unfortunate little
country must show us all the reasons for the necessity of evil.

Do you know they still piss in the streets in designated spots from
where the powdered urine was taken to make gunpowder?

    -    their Shared Self Deceptions kept all the men dying and no one told them to stop.

tenaeile ( 1:04:23 ): I received no replies in the lounge, not even from Rayelan and I have looked several times since I posted it.
Jimekus ( 1:05:24 ): forget her - your thoughts are more important to me - to get tptb you must break their serect hold on history
Jimekus ( 1:05:53 ): secret
tenaeile ( 1:06:34 ): yes, you have to find out what that history is, though. It takes a lot of study and I read somewhere that you have to be "allowed" to read the true history.
Jimekus ( 1:06:59 ): or guess it correctly - did you know Clinton was invited to be a Jesuit?
tenaeile ( 1:06:59 ): I think that there should be no secrets.
Jimekus ( 1:08:15 ): they are hiding the history of their re population of Earth
tenaeile ( 1:08:54 ): he may be even now, a jesuit. I have recently begun watching on tv a series titled NCIS, which is crime scene investigation on the federal level..one of the agents, a young comely female, was shot right in the middle of her forehead on cera and they then introduced a mossad agent, a young beautiful black haired girl..
Jimekus ( 1:09:25 ): she's a hoot
tenaeile ( 1:10:13 ): I have considered calling the station and telling them that I don't like the mossad agent..it appears to me that they are trying to up the image of the mossad which is just a killer org. they kill for money of course.
Jimekus ( 1:10:15 ): did you know the NCIS has looked at my Clinton evidence?
tenaeile ( 1:11:13 ): no, I did not know that..but I DO know that they have hidden history and think they should just let whoever wants to know it, let them learn it..
tenaeile ( 1:11:58 ): All decisions are suspect when you have no facts to rely upon.
tenaeile ( 1:12:32 ): as is said in the bible to build your house upon a rock, not upon shifting sands.
Jimekus ( 1:14:20 ): lastly I have to tell you something - the other night my front door was open so I got up in the middle of the night to lock it. Turning on the light I saw a cockroach party around the traps I set for them - they are clever and always went around the traps until I started banging loudly at which point they all got scared and ran straight into the traps
tenaeile ( 1:14:32 ): what have they said about your Clinton evidence, anything?
Jimekus ( 1:15:11 ): I only get to see their traces on my system logs - they are scared like the cockroaches.
tenaeile ( 1:15:56 ): why should they be scared? their morality allows them to do anything they want to whomever they want.
tenaeile ( 1:16:19 ): but...eventually they must also pay for that which they have done.
Jimekus ( 1:16:55 ): the police and city council will not answer my calls about the protest rally. I now don't think they are trying to silence me so much as they are all job-scared
tenaeile ( 1:17:01 ): Charles Wehner told me the agydala makes your guilty conscience kill you.
tenaeile ( 1:17:26 ): I received an email from him today, first one in months.
Jimekus ( 1:17:44 ): exactly the rabit's ygdala makes him run into the trap
tenaeile ( 1:18:36 ): yes. you got it.
Jimekus ( 1:18:38 ): so I think the truth is my weapon
tenaeile ( 1:18:59 ): but truth is many different things to many people
tenaeile ( 1:19:09 ): what is truth?
Jimekus ( 1:19:44 ): the truth of my evidence I mean - but the fear induced is still terror to them
Jimekus ( 1:20:10 ): irrefutable evidence that they were had
tenaeile ( 1:20:40 ): somebody should have them assholes!
tenaeile ( 1:20:59 ): they still won't stop being jerks.
tenaeile ( 1:21:12 ): they cannot help it, it is too ingrained
Jimekus ( 1:21:34 ): my problem is that this particular truth is almost making me a t3rrorist
tenaeile ( 1:21:40 ): the twig is bent and can never be straight any more
tenaeile ( 1:22:08 ): watch out, Jim, the whole thing could backfire onto you and I would not like that.
tenaeile ( 1:22:19 ): Would Sally help you?
Jimekus ( 1:22:20 ): me neither
Jimekus ( 1:22:31 ): she is no longer my daughter
tenaeile ( 1:23:03 ): you have disowned her then.
Jimekus ( 1:23:39 ): our blood types don't match - I told her this to protect her from them
tenaeile ( 1:24:00 ): you hinted that you are not her dad, then.
Jimekus ( 1:24:15 ): explicitly
tenaeile ( 1:24:36 ): maybe that will work for her safety, but I wouldn't bet on it.
tenaeile ( 1:24:59 ): those type people will kill at the drop of a hat you know.
tenaeile ( 1:25:07 ): kill and eat that is
Jimekus ( 1:25:48 ): well let them read this - she is a Christian crackpot and I will not have any more to do with the result of their brainwashing of her
tenaeile ( 1:26:26 ): yes, I agree Christianity is a mind control method all right.
Jimekus ( 1:26:46 ): I  betting that they won't kill me but will use me to get them out of the hole their in
Jimekus ( 1:26:51 ): they're
tenaeile ( 1:27:23 ): I have heard it said that you are supposed to love the evildoer but not the evil. In my mind, they are inseparable....
tenaeile ( 1:28:06 ): the evil mind must have a body to do it's evil..and besides, what is evil to one is not evil to another.
Jimekus ( 1:29:14 ): but in my case if they don't kill me I only get stronger - as the saying goes
tenaeile ( 1:30:04 ): I hope so, Jim. What hole are they in anyway?
Jimekus ( 1:30:10 ): so I have to consider what I'll be doing in 6 months
Jimekus ( 1:31:01 ): the hole dug by Stevins back in 1585 - a clumsy accounting system that breeds greed and contempt
tenaeile ( 1:32:02 ): I haven't heard of him. But it does not matter. I hope your Sally can stay safe and avoid the pitfalls inherent in that kind of religion.
tenaeile ( 1:32:28 ): I have to go cook now. JB will be going to class soon.
Jimekus ( 1:33:02 ): Stevin also introduced Italian double-entry bookkeeping into European military supply systems
tenaeile ( 1:33:29 ): do you refer to the idea of a second set of books, one truthful and one not?
Jimekus ( 1:34:00 ): no - the two entries are debit and credit - thanks for the whirlwind of thoughts
tenaeile ( 1:34:37 ): what whirlwind of thoughts? I was just asking questions..
Jimekus ( 1:34:53 ): like pushing a swing
tenaeile ( 1:35:10 ): if that is good, then okay..
Jimekus ( 1:35:21 ): merci
tenaeile ( 1:35:35 ): you are a fabulous friend, Jim!
Jimekus ( 1:35:53 ): likewise - bye bye for today
tenaeile ( 1:36:07 ): bye-bye! see you again soon!
Jimekus ( 1:36:18 ): hope so

the Council then phoned and here's my reply: -

Dear Susan,

Thanks for your phone call today.

Because I would not like you to be in fear of the consequences of my actions, I was getting a bit worried concerning the lack of communication, however as of this email I have not heard from Inspector Derek Davison.

Please allow me this opportunity to inform you that three other related activities are taking place. As I still do not know the form the demonstration will take, it is somewhat premature to detail the nature of these other actions, however, it is my intention to structure their elements in my grid computing application, Ingrid. You may wish to download it from my website, in order to keep abreast of developments. In the meantime, I will retain the confidentiality clause of your original email.

As suggested, concerning the matter of the designation, of the preferred location, I have enclosed numerous snapshots. You will be almost able to make out that there is no awning on the side of Federal Street opposite the Sky Grand Hotel. I have also taken the liberty of including my creation of the virtual protest scene.

It must be stressed that this is intended as a peaceful law-abiding demonstration. Further, I hope that you will be very pleasantly surprised at the good that will come about for everyone at stake, yourself included. Should the demonstration not take place in real-time, it may still be possible for you to witness the final result.