Ekus UN-incorporated

Evaluation Agreement

This License Agreement ("Agreement") is made as of __________________ (the "Effective Date")
by and between, ________________ located at ____________________ ("Licensee"), and
Ekus UN-incorporated., located at Auckland, New Zealand.

Ekus grants Licensee an additional license to use The inGridX Thought Saver ("Software") for internal evaluation purposes only. Licensee is not allowed to use this Software in a commercial environment except for the express purpose of feasibility testing. Such testing shall not last longer than 4 months. Licensee agrees to keep Software and any other Confidential Information of Ekus strictly confidential and use it only for internal evaluation purposes. Licensee may not distribute the Software or any other Confidential Information of Ekus to any third party.

Licensee agrees to pay Ekus a fee of $1,995.00 for the rights granted in this Agreement. This
fee shall be paid by Licensee within 30 days of receipt of Software. Failure to pay this fee within 30 days of receipt of Software will result in the immediate termination of this Agreement.

Any Licensee wishing to make commercial or military use of the Software, either for internal use or
resale, needs to develop a business plan and adopt a Master Franchising Agreement with Ekus before any such use of the Software begins.

The title to and ownership of the Software, documentation and other Confidential Information of
Ekus, and all copies thereof are, and shall remain, in Ekus regardless of the ownership
rights in the media on which the copies are stored. Licensee shall not, except as expressly provided
herein, acquire any right, title, or interest in the Software, documentation, or information provided
by Ekus hereunder (including without limitation patents trademarks, copyrights and trade

On Termination Of Any Special Rights Granted In This Agreement The
Software Is Still Subject To Terms In


The inGridX Free Public License

This could conclude, if you all agree, that: "Dr. Michael Hudson should be proposing that ' \\ the conflict of interest raised by Keiser Report: Preventing Debt Parasites (E941) be settled ' \\ by excluding herewith, in the inGridX Free Public License, all Central Bankers and their ' \\ extended tribal kin, a.k.a. all Jews, from the development of its economic network. ' \\ This licensing clause for The Ingrid Thought Processor, will be linked to source soon, ' \\ after v12.4.24".

Ekus will provide up to ten (10) hours of technical assistance and phone support to assist
Licensee in its' evaluation efforts and provide other support as reasonably requested. All such
support to be provided via Ekus facilities. If Licensee desires more than ten (10) hours of
technical support, or requires off-site support during the life of this Agreement, Ekus will
make commercially reasonable efforts to supply such support and will charge on a time and
materials basis at the hourly rate of $150 per hour, plus all reasonable travel and other expenses,
for all such support provided.

In Witness Hereof, the parties hereto have duly executed this Agreement effective as of
the Effective Date.
Ekus UN-incorporated. ("Ekus")    ___________________ ("Licensee")
By: ___________________________   By: __________________________
Name: j.Maxwell Legg  Name: ________________________
Title: Ex-President  Title: ________________________
Date: _________________ Date: _________________