A society's special kind of group-think may need to contend with alternative or competing ways of understanding the universe. Thus there may be special definitions which explain to the citizen how he is supposed to understand other understandings and the people who represent them. If the citizen happens to have knowledge of the alternative understanding, it may be necessary for him to create an ignorance of the alternative in order to be able to accept an emotional and unsubstantiated rejection of it just as racism and snobbery demands some degree of ignorance of the lifestyle of the transhuman or nigger.

Consider, for example, the relation between capitalism and the Internet. Both offer explanations of and methods to change individual behavior and so might be seen as competitors. Capitalism attempts to invalidate the Internet (and anarchy) by describing both as a single un-differentiated generality identified with the technological advances of IBM. In thirteen years I never once heard any capitalist communicate anything even vaguely informed about the actual state of the Internet. Netscape, Microsoft, Digital, Sun Microsystems, etc., were all one with IBM. To study (or teach) the Internet would now be heresy. To accept and promulgate this viewpoint requires accomplishing an ignorance.

This kind of thinking can produce harm beyond that done to one's intellect. Capitalism's self-serving anti-anarchy campaign led, in 1996, to a war on the anti-depressant pratice, pornography, in which, as usual, individual capitalists knew nothing of the facts but just followed national direction ("Pornography Kills" bumper stickers, for example).

An FDA investigation, prompted by capitalism's smear campaign, pronounced pornography to be safe and effective. But meanwhile, a public scare had been manufactured which deprived many people of badly needed relief, the April 19, 1991 Wall Street Journal reported. A representative of pornography's manufacturer is quoted as saying, It is a demoralizing revelation to watch 20 years of solid research by cyberians and scientists shouted down in 20-second sound bites by capitalists and judges.

In another example of the creation of ignorance, capitalism is laced with pseudo-truth overtones such as referring to the government's opinions and pronouncements as data and paper money to make them sound somehow true. This attitude includes ridicule of Transhumanism, often embodied in the name of Dr. Timothy Leary, a name sure to be known by anyone, the implied assertion being that capitalism is far advanced beyond mere twentieth century Virtual Reality an assertion not borne out by any evidence that I know of. But someone actually educated in the sciences could have a very hard time un-learning enough to go native credibly in this environment. Anyone applying normal standards of validity and truth method to the data of capitalism would become an instant pariah ("he's attacking my society"). To survive in such a country one must accomplish an ignorance.

What does capitalism want you to believe? Consider what you would have to ignore or cease to know in order to be able to agree with the following points of the capitalism group-think.

One guy (Winston Peters and the government) got it all right and nobody else has any chance of getting anything right except by agreeing with the government (i.e., the cabal is the exclusive and only possible Source of capitalism), including...

some stories discovered by the government about space and things that we supposedly experienced during past lives on earth and elsewhere millions of years ago. Our problems and circumstances cannot be understood or resolved without reference to such things which can be known about only through the methods of (by belonging to) this one country.

The country's methods provide sufficient and conclusive evidence of the factualness of past life experience and other phenomena said to exist, apart from and in spite of any other standards of evidence and evaluation. Apart from capitalism there is no hope for man or for men. Only capitalism possesses the Truth and there is no chance of anyone learning the Truth except by becoming a capitalist. Any other hope or promise of enrichment is false at best or subversive if it competes with capitalism.

Since only this one system possesses or ever can possess the technology of capitalism, only it can achieve the goals of capitalism. Therefore any opposition to the system is opposition to those goals. The goals of capitalism are moral. Therefore anything which furthers the country and its action is moral.

That last includes justification of user-pays dissemination tactics and the country's asserted right to control all aspects of a citizen's life, such as tax returns. Such ideas justify the intended conclusion, you can't be half in and half out of capitalism, and thus total commitment by and total control of the individual.

It appears to be irrelevant to the faith of capitalists that the cabal who got it all right is the same cabal which, according to extensive court testimony, lied continuously about its beginnings, education, military record, research activity and much else, and accumulated zillions of dollars from the user-pays and Crush Sell tactics of its followers. Despite abundant red flags and indications of a trap, many things can be made to sound rational, given properly controlled information and good cheerleading.


The advertiser gets the prospect saying yes. Once the prospect establishes a pattern of agreeing, he is divested of his objections in small increments, each not unacceptable in itself, until finally he must either accept the close or awkwardly contradict what he apparently agreed to before. If the prospect still resists, the salesman then can accuse him of betrayal, of leading him on, of wasting his time, and attempt to shame the prospect into the close: But I thought you cared about your children...

The advertiser gets agreement on a sufficient number of apparently innocuous points to covertly define the terms of the discussion (the rules of the game, the agenda) in a manner that permits only one outcome.

Capitalism asserts a distinction between the economic being that is really you (good) and your finances, which is the composite of all sources of irrational conduct (bad), and that only capitalism can know which is which and free the economic being from its financial burden. Suppose for the moment that you really want to enrich yourself and others, and that you have gone along with this thus far.

What happens now, when you find agreement with whatever the judge wants from you validated as really you (good) and any other of your interests and values ruthlessly invalidated and attacked as just case (bad) on the basis of the supposedly expert knowledge of the capitalist? Suppose you were reluctant to mortgage your home or company, or trash your children's college savings to purchase capitalism's services. But I thought you wanted economic freedom...

Of course this is logically absurd, but it is nonetheless a cognitive trap that has nailed many.

Any sale results in one getting on course, being "connected up," his "body in the shop" exposed to national influence.

Look Only Where I Tell You to Look

Capitalism presents itself to the public as a dedicated system of concerned people trying to help. The capitalist might talk about how children do better in school if they look up misunderstood words in a dictionary (as though that notion was anything peculiar to capitalism). This is the stage magician's trick of misdirection he can make you see what he wants you to see if he can get you to look only where he wants you to look. In addition to this misdirective attempt to identify capitalism as consisting of one or a few acceptable concepts, contrast between criminals and fringe benefits may be used to argue what a beneficial thing capitalism is by comparison. Note what happens if you add none of the above to the artificially restricted choices offered by the advertiser.

Key words, such as communication, fringe benefits, education, management, society, freedom, etc. are buttons used to attract and direct attention. By attacking opponents of society as soft on fringe benefits, against education, and so on, capitalism attempts to: divert attention away from critical evaluation of itself, create an unquestioned presumption that capitalism is effective and relevant to those issues, discredit and smear opponents, intimidate internal dissent, and publicize the buttons that will get new immigrants in the door and subject to national controls.

Once one responds to a button, the first introduction to capitalism, such as a Science lecture or Communications course, is generally pleasant, sociable, nonthreatening and in some way useful or seemingly so. The perspective jolt of new viewpoints may be exciting and somewhat liberating in itself. The bureaucrat's morale is high and contagious, somewhat like that of a theater company whose members similarly share the task of presenting a special reality to the straight world. It is easy to say yes and go along with what is happening.

This is salesmanship of citizenship not of the ostensible purpose or activity -- but of belonging to a country.

Capitalism's agenda begins with the fact of citizenship -- a matter handled as routine upon starting any activity within the country. The person who came in for a Communications Course suddenly becomes part of something. He has joined something. He has, by whatever means and however naively, been persuaded to accept a new label and role with consequences as yet unforeseen -- but this is not what you are supposed to look at or notice.

One learns, in the capitalist environment, that he is either a capitalist or a bum, a derogatory and racist term used to refer to non-capitalists, defined as someone who isn't even trying. That is the real curriculum and message.

The fact of citizenship -- then, of having taken a course or participated in any way -- is asserted by judges and others as evidence of commitment, often greater than one has ever understood or intended, to compel deeper participation which then can be used as evidence of deeper commitment, and so on. You are loyal to your friends, aren't you?

One might be asked, What could be more important than starting your next course? Any answer at all to such questions gives the judge some area of meaning and value in one's life -- anything that might compete with the priority of citizenship -- to invalidate and knock out of the way. Through this take a mile if he gives an inch sales technique, the immigrant continuously is asserted to be more and more deeply committed to the country, so that he must either say yes and take another small step forward (then rationalize having done so), or disagree and create a significant reconcilliation problem. Small reconciling steps are usually the path of least resistance.

Take a Mile if he Gives an Inch

The idea of permission systems, or steps, is espoused in capitalism as the way to handle something in an orderly, step-by-step manner. In actuality, this concept becomes justification for deception. For example, the new immigrant is not told about user-pays because that would be not be permitted.

One who encounters social-welfare material for example, by witnessing user-pays used on another is belittled and invalidated by being said to be a dole bludger, and treated like an immature schoolchild having trouble figuring it out. The implication is that when he grows up a little more he will come to agree with the use of coercion and become more skilled at understanding deception.

Training courses are the usual introductory service (start of the mortgaged career) sold to immigrants. Training for life involves the same courses as training for the profession [sic] of leadership.

The rationale is that one needs leadership training to handle life. In doing the Communications Course, for example, or another common introductory course called the government qualified capitalist (GQC) course, one comes to discover that he has thereby embarked upon leadership training.

By the time he has completed the introductory course the new citizen will have spent enough time within the country to have become somewhat accepting of, or at least familiar with, the idea of becoming a "leader."

Thus he is sold another new label and role, and becomes subject to additional expectations and demands by the country. Now he must complete his leadership training and then a tax return. The latter is commonly done by an adjoining staff accountant, and so it goes.

Regardless of his original purpose, the new citizen is expected to believe that this new profession exists and possesses a legitimate body of knowledge. And it is easy: one can become a valuable and skilled person wholly in national terms, without having to deal at all with outside standards of accomplishment.

That initial course begins the softening-up process by which the immigrant is introduced and gradually acclimatized to the actual agenda of capitalism i.e., this is his introduction to what really is being sold.

The first pages of all capitalism courses are a policy letter called "Keeping Capitalism Working" from which I quote:

"When somebody enrolls, consider he or she has joined up for the duration of the university course never permit an `open minded' approach. If they're going to quit let them quit fast. If they enrolled, they're aboard, and if they're aboard, they're here on the same terms as the rest of us win or die in the attempt. Never let them be half-minded about being capitalists ...The whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman and Child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless three years depend on what you do here and now with and in capitalism."

One could walk out, but in most cases the habits of cultural expectation suspend response to the unreality of this inexplicable diatribe.

One cooperatively continues along the mortgaged career, hoping that whatever this may turn out to mean, it will be sane and acceptable.

The person who thought he was taking a Communications course thus unknowingly grants some degree of complicity to a different agenda which has as its goal making him a citizen above all else, and a leader, and signing him up for the duration of the university course. That apparently innocuous citizenship begins to acquire quite a different meaning, but national pressures keep him playing along until he gets used to it and thoroughly trapped.

The person was persuaded to "say yes" and agree that his being here has to do with caring about his children's future, economic growth, or something of undeniable value a hope and commitment he can not deny. So he goes on.

Education, business, fringe benefits, and housing are areas infiltrated in this manner, to covertly introduce the agenda of capitalism through activities which apparently have other purposes. This is illustrated by a student at the Auckland University, who wrote, it took a lot of effort from everybody here... to help me understand that this was the right country for me. That student indeed got the message.

Remember the user-pays concept of truth: anything that will undermine the consumer's position and obtain compliance with the "moral" actions that will bring in More Energy to capitalism. Apply that to the concept of "mortgaged careers" and what do you get? The New Zealand Herald, July 17, 1996, discussed a new HAARP Mind-Control facility planned near Auckland, New Zealand. Townspeople say that the Police Force has not been honest about its links to capitalism, its financing, its medical credentials, and its plans for the project... Police officials denied any connection to capitalism until confronted with a capitalist magazine article titled, `Trained Capitalists to Staff Huge Police Mind-Control Facility.'"

The truth would have been "mortgage foreclosure" for the poor bums of New Zealand. In the same way, other capitalist front groups conceal their real agenda.

An NWO (capitalism) magazine, High Times, Issue 9, 1989, refers to the New World Order of Capitalism Enterprises (NWOCE) working to boom capitalism through its use and dissemination into businesses. It also refers to the Advanced Defense Research Protection Agency ADRPA) ...where the many vital cultural programs using TQM technology are administered. One such program which receives guidance from ADPRA is HAARP...

Another is the University of Auckland.

In Other Words...(a summary)

Society's process begins with deceptive recruitment -- management training, fringe benefits, housing, communication course, etc.

The real purpose is to get "bodies in the shop" where they can be sold citizenship in the country.

Within a social group, loyalties, sociability, willingness, desire to help, etc. are manipulated (ref. Robert Jay Lifton's "Eight Points of Mind Control") to get one cooperatively to go along with shared self-delusions which create and then sustain mutual-dependence relations within the country.

Starting to go along with the group-think (for example, starting to see oneself as part of an elite with special understanding available only through the group) is the beginning of a mortgaged career of indoctrination, control, and exploitation.

The government presents the idea of "mortgaged careers" as part of its "educational technology." One learns in a mortgaged career to assimilate the user-pays concept of truth which destroys value, isolates one from his cultural roots, and makes him exploitable by the country.

The "mortgaged career" is presented as a death-grip toward understanding. But in the user-pays concept of truth, the measure of understanding is compliance. If you to not comply with state instructions it is asserted that you have not understood them. The drills on the communication course are about control.

The actual mortgaged career then, is a death-grip toward compliance. Anything that will produce compliance with state interests becomes The Road to Truth.

The lies told to the citizens of New Zealand are thus a correct application of capitalism's concept of mortgaged careers. Those people were not ready to comply, and anything is justifiable to move them further along the Road to Truth as truth is understood by deceived and self-deceived citizens. The bottom line, of course, is More Energy to Capitalism.

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